May 25, 2015

Two of my best ever hotel experiences in Malaysia

For every negative, there must be some positives too, so today I am going to share with you two of my best ever hotel stay experiences in Malaysia... lah

Yeah, the experience of staying in a hotel is always made better when there is sincerity and friendly staff. It is not just about the beauty of the hotel, because there are dozens of gorgeous hotels all over Malaysia and the rest of the world. When the service is good, guests will definitely remember it always and would want to come back for more....

I have been lucky and in my lifetime so far, I have had the opportunity to stay in various hotels from backpacker budget to 5 stars which includes Pangkor Laut Resort, Legoland Hotel Malaysia, Hard Rock Hotel Penang, ShangriLa Rasa Sayang Penang, Casa del Rio etc...etc...which are really beautiful and lovely hotels I am proud to have spend some time in....

However, for me, personally, these two hotels definitely exceeds my expectation of everything there is, most especially when it comes to the personal touch, the sincerity and friendliness of the staff.....

One of the hotel is in Langkawi...... and the other is in Kota Bharu.

The one in Langkawi is naturally The Danna, located at Burau Bay... The hotel is gorgeous, amazing and I had the opportunity to spend a couple of nights there.  Ok, somehow or other I was not blogging properly at that time and I did not blog about it and I can't seem to find photos of it on this new laptop, so I am using some pictures from my instagram...


Heck, there was an article in the Star newspaper this year too regarding the Danna and I really can understand why being one of those visitors... because to be honest, I find I am lazy to write reviews for other sites and so on, but for the Danna, I did....

Here it is: TripAdvisor Review


["The Danna Langkawi has emerged as the number one hotel in the Top Hotels and Top Luxury Hotels categories in Malaysia, as well as number two in the Best Hotels for Service category and number three in the Best Hotels for Romance category in Malaysia.

Top 10 Travellers’ Choice Hotels in Malaysia:
1. The Danna Langkawi, Langkawi – 2015 average nightly rate on TripAdvisor: RM1, 230.80. Least expensive month to visit: November (RM1, 049.80) – 1,548 reviews
2. Casa del Mar, Langkawi – 2015 average nightly rate on TripAdvisor: RM1, 028.08. Least expensive month to visit: November (RM941.20) – 1,639 reviews
3. The Datai Langkawi, Langkawi – 2015 average nightly rate on TripAdvisor: RM2, 251.64. Least expensive month to visit: November (RM1, 451.62) – 1,278 reviews" ]
Like what you can read in my review, the staff at the Danna were truly amazing and top class when it came to service and anticipating their guests needs. There was a funny incident when my husband playfully asked the waitress for a 'Roti Canai' which was not on the menu or even on the buffet table and lo and behold, they took him seriously and brought one out... It was a funny moment but it showed how serious and sincere they were about pleasing their guests.
Naturally when it was time to leave the hotel, we were all very reluctant to leave, as it was like leaving close friends behind.... 
Check it out at :

And the other hotel that left a lasting impression on me is the Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu.. though Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu is yet to be listed as the top 10 Traveller's Choice Hotel, it could be just a matter of time. As it is, they have already bagged the certificate of excellence for 2015 by Trip Advisor and is now officially the No 1 hotel in Kota Bharu
Staying in this hotel has been an amazing and unforgettable moment and one which I will treasure as part of my truly fond memories in life.. From the moment I arrived until I have to sadly check out , the staff has just been amazingly friendly, polite and helpful. 
Here is my review : TripAdvisor Review

The selection of food in all three restaurants are also amazing.. I loved my breakfast by the pool at the lovely Cerana Coffee House, and lunch at Jade restaurant, which is Chinese Thai fusion restaurant as well as dinner at Eleven on the 11th floor with an amazing nightscape of Kota Bharu while enjoying the Yeolhana steamboat and bbq dinner.... And have I mentioned that the desserts here are just so sinful and impossible to resist, especially for people with sweet tooth like me......

I loved my room which was just amazing and this hotel is almost like an art gallery as well as there are original one of a kind masterpieces by local artists peppered all over the hotel from the lobby to the ballroom to the corridors leading to the room and inside the is just amazing strolling around one corridor after another (even if some might think I am mad) just to catch a glimpse and to enjoy the artpieces/ art work....
These are two of my best ever hotel experiences in Malaysia....


  1. Nice one, Miera. I too agree with you about Hotel Perdana, especially on personal touch (even by those who were not directly attending to our group) and selection of (local) food and delicacies. It's 5-star all around.

    1. I miss my time there too... I want to go back and get spoiled all over again... heheh

  2. ahhh now i know where to stay if i happen to go langkawi.. but wait! RM1, 049.80? oppss.. out of my range! >.<

    1. huhuhu.... but I can assure you it is worth every cent... hehehe

    2. then again, choose to go to Kota Bharu, immerse yourself in the lovely traditional history and get pampered at Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu for a fraction of the price... heheh

  3. can't wait to go as need start planning :D


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