May 1, 2015

Signing of MOU between GSR Malaysia Production and some new talents

So yours truly was at the Bridge Bar at G Tower a couple of days ago to attend the signing of MOU between a new production company, GSR (Global Solution Resources) Malaysia Production and 7 new talents varying from up coming actors, actresses and models.

Yours truly with Azrel Ismail, actor and model signed to GSR Malaysia Production

GSR Production is a subsidiary company of the Global Solutions Resources Sdn Bhd, a company headed by Zulfitri Zhu Feng Tao as the acting Chief Executive Officer and Amilathon bt Jamaluddin as the Director of Operations, Global Solutions Resources Sdn Bhd.

With Syaffiq Sahli, actor signed with GSR Malaysia Production

Global Solutions Resources has collaborated with several local television companies, such as RTM, Media Prima, Astro, TV- Alhijrah, Consumer TV and Bernama. Their proudest moment would be being accepted as a creative content distributor for Hikmah-Hypp TV as well as a distributor for local production  RTM television programmes along with the Communication and Multimedia Ministry of Malaysia. GSR Productions is also proud to receive their license for the distribution of films from FINAS. GSR has also acquired a few impressive scriptwriters including Sofia Rhyland (of Ariana Rose fame) , Loh (of Adnan Sempit fame) and a few others.

Lia here is just so pretty.... and she is also signed to GSR Malaysia Production

Because of this, a few 'in-house artistes' has been selected to work under GSR Production. They are talented and definitely on their way up, so keep your eyes and ears open for them in the near future... as they will be among the few to create a presence in the local acting industry/ film industry.

The gorgeous female actresses/models/talents from GSR Malaysia Production

Among these talents are Azrel Ismail who is an actor and model who is starring in the drama "Fajar di Bukhara"; Syaffiq Sahli who is popular with the drama "Asam Pedas Untuk Dia", Elya Miera whose rise to fae came from the drama "Teman Lelaki Upahan" and also Lia Asmizza who is slowing rising to fame from her drama "Hati Perempuan".

Some of the good looking actors/models/talents from GSR Malaysia Production

Then there is Kamal Rezuan who made a name for himself in the drama "Kerana Terpaksa Aku Relakan"; Ikram Rashid who began his acting career with a drama in RTM, "Tarbiah Cinta" and last but not least, a very flexible and confident upcoming actress Liza Semion who started her fame in the drama "Suami Sebelah Rumah"

Azrel signing his MOU

Syaffiq bashfully telling members of the media and fans about himself

It was a fun moment mingling with these new upcoming stars who were very down to earth and friendly. We got to know them better and it was simply amazing when we found out a little about their backgrounds and what they thought they would have been if they had not been actors/actresses or models....

The bold and beautiful Liza telling us about herself...

The answers to the question : "Where do you see yourself if you had not been an actor/actress/model..."

Azrel : would probably have been in the Hotel industry
Ikram: a member of EMS
Syaffiq: no so sure as he has been in various industries and is kind of a jack of all trades.
Kamal: would be in corporate sales
Liza : either a radio announcer or an engineer
Elya : a sciptwriter

and the most surprising one....

Lia: involved in Forensic...

and when asked about how did they find themselves becoming actors/actresses, most of them usually started from doing commercials....

The lovely Elya signing her MOU

Taadaaa... all done

Anyway we got to enjoy the launch of the "Nur Aidilfitri" single as well, which has been created by popular composer , Cat Farish and sang together by Azrel Ismail, Syaffiq Sahli, Tiga Swagger and Hanarose.

Lia introducing herself

Ikram telling everyone about his aspirations

Anyway for more info on the artistes or the GSR Malaysia production company,
please check out:-
Youtube: GSR Production
Instagram: gsrmalaysia

Check out the company and the talents official profiles below.....

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