May 16, 2015

BiO-LiFE® Launches Astaxanthin 4mg at ‘The Superstar Ingredient: A Red Carpet Affair’ Event

Yesterday was the day when all ten of us bloggers who were selected for the Astaxanthin review dressed up , made ourselves pretty and sashayed down the red carpet.

Now, for some avid blog readers, you would probably have read some rantings from some of the errmm... more "dramatic" bloggers who kinda shunned this as they said it made them feel bad, blah, blah, blah. 

Somehow or other, when another fellow blogger asked me about this, I just shrugged it off. Maybe there was some truth in what the other bloggers had to say, after all, I believe that everyone had the right to their own opinion, even if it may seem twisted or strange to others.

But for me, I decided to just carry on and do whatever I can do within reason, which actually turned out fine. There wasn't really anything to make such a huge hoo hah or fuss about, but well, like I maintain, everyone has the right to their own opinions.

Before heading to the event, one of our friends got 5 of us together to attend a make up class by Malswisse, located at the Empire Soho Subang. It was an eye opening class for some of us who were not that great in doing make up like yours truly here.

There you have it, my face with the barest minimum make up when I just got to the Malswisse centre.

Vanessa here was our instructor and she taught the five of us how to do basic make up to look our best... She was an amazing coach....pictured here with blogger girlfriend Kylie...

We did have a lot of fun with shades and colours, deciding on the tone of our foundation, eye shadows etc...

..and how to apply eye liner the right way and to blend it in perfectly...

And the correct way on how to put on blusher so that our cheeks looked more definite and contoured...

And there you have it... this was my finished look, the look I was to walk down the red carpet at the BiO-LiFE Astaxanthin Red Carpet event.... Not too bad huh... hehehe

Anyway , from Empire Soho Subang, we had to rush to One Utama and we got there slightly later then we were supposed to be but in the nick of time, fortunately....

OK... what is it all about? Read on....

You can now "red-iscover" your youth with BiO-LiFE®’s Astaxanthin 4mg! BiO-LiFE® shares Mother Nature’s benefits with the launch of BiO-LiFE® Astaxanthin 4mg, a dietary supplement of pure anti-oxidant to address aging skin. A capsule of Astaxanthin a day helps to reduce age spots, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to improve skin moisture, texture, and elasticity.

The ‘superstar ingredient’ – Astaxanthin – is a red pigment renowned in scientific circles as an anti-oxidant, with various additional benefits that would be right at home with those who regularly walk on along red carpets. Women who lead active lifestyles and, who are always on-the-go are more exposed to ultra-violet (UV) light which causes skin damage.

UV light and air pollution creates free radicals, which in turn damages collagen, the main structural protein of connective tissue in the body and the key substance that gives skin its firmness and elasticity. In our youth, skin remain plump and smooth because the body generates plenty of collagen, but as we age, production slows, and existing collagen is damaged by oxidative stress caused by these free radicals resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin.

“This product is among the excellent anti-oxidant agents made available for the Malaysian market,” said John Goebel, General Manager of BiO-LiFE®. “BiO-LiFE® Astaxanthin 4mg is derived from Haematococcus pluvialis, marine micro-algae which is rich in this substance. It contains a high oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC).”

Dr Lim in his presentation on maintaining skin health said, “Astaxanthin is a compound from the carotenoid family with naturally occurring pigments that are well-known for their anti-oxidative properties. Studies have shown that people consuming diets rich in carotenoids, which can be found in super foods such as selected fruits and vegetables, are generally less likely to suffer from illnesses.”

“The keto-carotenoid, Astaxanthin, found in wild salmon, krill and shrimps, is among the most efficacious of these carotenoids. As oxidative stress is believed to be a principal mechanism of aging, and other conditions associated with aging, Astaxanthin is a standout star when it comes to modulating aging.”

The Red Carpet Affair was graced by Malaysian celebrities including Joanne Yew, Atilia Haron, Nadia Heng and Ee Fee.

In conjunction with the product launch, beauty blogger Patricia Lim, owner of, was awarded the Astaxanthin Star Blogger Award. Congrats Patricia!!!!

Ten bloggers, including yours truly here were shortlisted to participate in the Award to vie for the title and products worth RM1000. Patricia Lim was selected from a panel of judges including members of the BiO-LiFE® Astaxanthin 4mg team and the guest celebrities.

The participants had to sample the product over a period of one month, snap a ‘before’ and ‘after’ close-up photograph of their face without make-up, and summit a photo entry dressed in their most glamorous red attire. 

Winners were judged based on their skin improvement and the overall ‘glow’ effect, and their commitment to educating their readers with sound beauty advice through their blogs.

BiO-LiFE® Astaxanthin 4mg comes in the form of vegetable capsules. Each bottle contains 30 capsules and retails at RM 95 at both chain and independent pharmacies nationwide.

There was a Q & A session with the celebrities who were also consuming BiO-LiFE Astaxanthin as well as with Dr Lim Ing Kien, the Aesthetic Physician... and as a finale, there was a lovely performance by Melissa and Frances. They were pretty awesome...

For more info, do check out

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