Apr 19, 2016


Ask people around Klang Valley and they can tell you that the Dorsett Grand Subang is a gorgeous and very classy hotel that offers opulent hotel guest rooms and suites in Subang's upscale entertainment hub, shopping district and tourist attraction. 

Dining at one of the restaurants or coffee house at Dorsett Grand Subang is also an endless pleasurable affair with the vast international and local specialities available

And with the holy month of Ramadhan just around the corner, Dorsett Grand Subang decides to showcase the delights of two worlds under one roof for the Month of Ramadhan, from 7 June to 6 July 2016.

Yours truly and her mini me, was at the Dorsett Grand Subang recently to indulge in a preview of what was to come.....

Selera Kampung @ Melati

Selera Kampung brings back the nostalgia of home, via authentic Malaysian cuisine and décor. The daily rotation of buffet options range from appetisers to desserts, that will leave you very satisfied.

Return diners will be thrilled to know that the popular ‘Gear Box’ Soup (a popular bone marrow broth laced with local spices) will be making its return for the month long Ramadhan season. This nutritious and delicious soup is well known for its use of cattle bone boiled with a multitude of spices which many diners are so fond of.

Personally I loved the sup isi ketam dengan jagung manis (crab meat with sweet corn soup)which they served which was somewhat like shark fins soup minus the fins... hehehe, although I have to say the soup was a mite too salty...

Diners will also enjoy appetisers such as Kerabu Mangga, Ulam-ulaman segar and Kerabu Jantung Pisang

As for main course, sink your teeth into the nasi briyani gam ayam...

...ikan keli salai berlada...

..sambal sotong petai....

...chilli crabs....

...masak lemak nenas ikan masin .....

 Or indulge in some of this lovely roasted whole lamb which  came with mandy rice. The meat was so juicy, succulent and tender..... it taste so good with the accompanying gravy and mint sauce...

For desserts, tuck into local delights like these kuih muih,

...Javanese favorites, tapai pulut (fermented glutinous rice)...

...badak berendam (literally meaning soaking hippo- sorry could not resist it)white and pink or sometimes green flour balls which has some palm sugar and coconut inside it in a coconut milk syrup....

...wajik pulut, a kuih made with steamed glutinous rice and further cooked in palm sugar, coconut milk, and pandan leaves....

 And of course, some tepung pelita... and these  must say are the must haves during Ramadhan... you can literally find it everywhere....

Don't forget to have some fresh fruits for dessert too...  

Personally, I think my favourite was the mee rebus which was just perfect....especially when it came with sambal sotong... I could have two or three plates of these if I was not trying to control my weight....!!!

As an entertaining treat, Geng Wak Long will be entertaining diners with their musical prowess which range from Kelantanese Traditional music to Malaysian pop music. They will be performing exclusively in Dorsett Grand Subang for the entire month of Ramadhan.

Yours truly was lucky to meet the founder of Geng Wak Long, Kamrul Hussin, also known as Wak Long, of course...Kamrul is a very accomplished musician who has collaborated with international musicians such as Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza (Pop Traditional), Ramli Sarip (Rock), The Late Farid Ali-Mr. Gambus (Jazz), Dayang Nurfaizah (2006 Album Love), Raihan (Nasyid – 2006 AMIN Album), M. Nasir (Pop Folk), Reshmonu (2005 Monumental), Zalee Redang – 2000, Noraniza Idris (2005 Aura – Pop Traditional Album), Aseana Percussion Unit (APU), Taikuh Jikang ( Tokyo, Japan), Kuaetnika “Many Skin One Ryhthm”, Yoryakarta Indonesia, Visnu Mohambat (India), APPEX ARTIS , USA, SUN SON Theatre, Taiwan and many more.

He also was one of the musicians involved for the soundtracks of several local films such as PUTERI GUNUNG LEDANG (2004), BAIK PUNYA CILUK (2005), QAISY DAN LAILA (2004), MANTRA (2010) and SENJAKALA (2011 – as a Music Director). Impressive right.... I would so definitely go for the buffet to indulge in all those great food and be entertained by Wak Long and his gang.....

Diners will also have the opportunity to win prizes from the weekly lucky draw Dorsett Grand Subang is planning....

Available from 6.00-9.30pm the buffet is priced at RM140.00 per person, senior citizen and children ages 6 to 12 years get to enjoy 50% discount. For reservations at Selera Kampung @ Melati, please call 03-5031 6060.

Flavours of Ramadhan @ Terazza Brasserie
For fans of the Terazza Brasserie will be transformed into an Arabian paradise with wispy colourful drapes, magnificent tents and gleaming lamps for a Ramadhan ambiance.

Chef Shabani Sahan and his team will prepare a spread of local and international cuisine inspired by their Arabian Theme this Ramadhan consisting of local and international delights, including Arabian inspired dishes such as Shawarma, Roasted Lamb with Arabian Fragrant Rice and to satisfy that sweet tooth – Turkish ice cream.

Flavours of Ramadhan @ Terazza Brasserie run from 6.00pm to 9.30pm and priced at RM150.00 per person, senior citizen and children ages 6 to 12 years get to enjoy 50% discount.

For reservations at Flavours of Ramadhan @ Terazza Brassiere, please call 03-5031 6060 ext 1912.

Advanced booking is encouraged to avoid disappointment.

From 1 May until 7 June 2016, Dorsett Grand Subang is offering an Early Bird Voucher at 25% off which you can purchase at our Ramadhan Counter located at the hotel lobby, in front of Piano Lounge.

For more information on the Dorsett Grand Subang, Kuala Lumpur, visit: www.dorsetthotels.com/malaysia/subang


  1. u banyak cepat la.. i banyak jeles. :)

    nice food there.

    1. cepat jer... you punya photos semua buat orang nak terliur....

  2. looks so nice the food! i was there before and love their offerings. can't wait for Ramadhan to come!

  3. Badak berendam looks so cute to eat la! So fast you got to try the ramadhan buffet, I can't wait for mine too XD Lover for Malay food as well =P

  4. The mee rebus does look tempting, even i who don't eat much Malaysian food also am convinced to try this out!

    1. it is really good.. I am like you.. I love a plethora of different types of food...

  5. they sure start early, are you in the mood for raya already? i love the buffet spread as usual, food with spices and lemak, yummy

    1. Not really.. I hate these festivals sometimes because too much money gets spent... LOL

  6. wow so fast restaurant start to do Ramadhan buffet promotion. look good the food and i craving for rendang. hehe

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