Apr 26, 2016

Cool and affordable spectacles at GlassesShop.com

With the rising cost of living, and the implementation of GST, sometimes it is so much more convenient and better to just stay home and buy whatever you need online, since there are so many pretty awesome online shops selling amazing things that do not burn a hole in your pocket.

I am short sighted and have been that way for a pretty long while now, and it gets pretty expensive nowadays to get a pair of glasses made at the optical shop...especially with high power etc...but I found a solution to my problems.....

If you are in search of prescription eyeglasses, cheap glasses and sunglasses , you do not have to anywhere to search for it...I have found the perfect site for you to get some...GlassesShop.com .

It sure was my lifesaver, since I was bemoaning the fact I recently had a pair of glasses made at a branded optical shop and it cost me about RM400++ and I could not wear it as the optician decided to try to give me perfect vision and it backfired since whenever I wore that pair of glasses the whole room started spinning and tilting...and to get new lenses fit in would cost me about RM250++.

After browsing through GlassesShop I came across some very pretty glasses I thought I would like... and there was even a try it on app where you can see how the glasses look like on someone else's face or even your own face... just upload any front facing picture of yourself, adjust the virtual pair of glasses over your face and you can see if it fits your face or not... 

That was kinda fun, and I had a fun time 'playing' around trying to mix and match and see which pair of glasses suited me on my picture...

Finally, I decided on the Jersey Rectangle model which came in two colours, red and blue but I decided on a red pair to hopefully brighten my face up... heheh

I really like the GlassesShop as they offer you selection on what kind of lenses you want or which would suit your budget... And as I was short sighted, I needed distance lenses....I clicked on that ....

... and filled up my presciption....You can go to your optician and request for a prescription and also ask them for your PD (pupillary distance) measurements as GlassesShop want to ensure that the glasses you order will fit you perfectly.

You can also measure PD at Home.... http://www.glassesshop.com/doc/measure-pd

After filling in your prescription and your PD, you will be asked to choose your lenses, choose from Photochromic, Polarized, Mirrored or Clear..... 

I can promise you it is so much cheaper then if you went to the optical shop here... I remember I wanted polarized lenses and they told me it would cost RM500++ at my power ...and it only cost about $39 here, approximately RM150??? 

Anyway, just for a first time try out on purchase, I chose the Standard package which came with thin and lite lenses (1.5/) with Anti-scratch coating, Anti- Reflective Coating and UV Coating...for just $19.85 bringing my total bill to just about $39.80!!!! About RM150???  (Plus minus)

 Payment can be made via your debit or credit card or via PayPal... and once you have made payment, sit back relax and wait and your package will be delivered right to your doorstep....

Here is my pair of glasses from GlassesShop . It is all that I hope for in a pair of glasses , very light weight and the lenses are thin and perfect...

It comes nicely packed in a microfibre cleaning cloth, and a nice sturdy plastic casing and I even got an additional discount voucher for the next purchase....and I am so gonna get that Photochromic or Polarized lenses with my next purchase....

Pro: Affordable, high quality and I love my glasses loads... just perfect the way I want it!!!! Value for money...

Cons: Only setback here is delivery which will take about 1- 2 weeks...but trust me, it is so worth the wait....

Me and my pair of glassesshop glasses... I am so loving it!!!

  Anyway here is sharing a special coupon code GSHOT50 for you to use to get a whooping 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses at GlassesShop with free lenses(sale frames excluded).  

What are you waiting for... check it out now... 

(GIFs taken from google and used for illustration purposes only and do not belong to me...)


  1. I think I need new glasses, toO! U look great in it!

  2. nice glasses dear...beautiful...

  3. wow!! online to order glasses, very convenient!

  4. nice glasses u have there. Love your new look :)

  5. phhewwit! I love your new look. Just in time for me to go get my eyes checked and perhaps a new pair as well. ;)

  6. Red frame is cool also, you look sharper.

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