Apr 25, 2016

Bouncing Fun at Jump Street

Kids everywhere love to jump on beds and well, truth be told, adults too...and this is because jumping is exhilarating, and a whole lot of fun! Trampoline parks have been around for many years in the USA and Australia , well, until now....

Jump Street Trampoline Parks has remedied that by creating an amazing urban playground for adults and children alike, with hundreds of interconnected trampolines from the floor right up the walls and multiple jumping attractions at every venue.

Jump Street PJ is located in a 37,000 sq. ft. converted warehouse (behind Bosch, somewhere behind Jaya One) at No 8A, Jalan 13/6, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Jump Street will provide you special Grip Socks to ensure that you don’t slip and to help maintain a hygienic environment so all you need to bring is a willingness to try something new and a fun disposition so you can fit right in with everyone else who is jumping. 

You will get hot and sweaty so you should bring a change of shirt, maybe a small towel and a bottle of water which you can refill from their chilled water fountain. 

There are 8 different attractions to keep you, your friends and your family plenty busy - from DodgeBall to Wall Walking, battle beam for the kids, Slam Dunking, Jumping into the Air Bag and/or Foam Pit or just simple Free Jumping at our Main Court which has 47 interconnected, wall to wall (up the wall in some cases) trampolines for you to practise on. It’s a smorgasbord of awesome activities that keeps you entertained for the whole time you are jumping

Yours truly was there with her daughter at the Jump Street Media Appreciation Day and we sure did have plenty of fun...experiencing one attraction after another....  

For those who like to enroll with Jump Street, Jump Street has a plethora of activities on a daily basis...

Each jumping session comes with basic training by our trained Jump Referees, but our jumpers can choose to participate in a range of classes ranging from jump aerobics for fitness, Jump Academy, Dodge Ball training, and Tricking.  You can checkout the schedule above... 

You should know how to jump within your limitations but sometimes it’s difficult to know when to stop when you are having so much fun! Don’t try something that you’ve seen someone else do without asking for some expert guidance, always be aware of people around you to avoid any accidental collisions and always aim to land on your feet, bottom or back and NEVER ever land on your head and well, read the rules carefully and comply with it... hehehe, afterall we won't want anything unpleasant happening... right...

Studies show you can burn the same amount of calories in just ten minutes of trampolining as you would jogging for half-an-hour. Using a trampoline instead of pounding up and down on concrete reduces the impact on your limbs by 80 per cent. These are some of the best rectangle trampolines for you around...

The Jump Street brand has been growing strong in Malaysia. Jump Street Petaling Jaya will soon be celebrating its second anniversary, while Jump Street Austin Height in Johor Bahru opened in February 2016.

In conjunction with the celebration for 2nd anniversary that falls on Saturday 28th of May, Jump Street is bringing circus performers and trampoline artists to create the perfect blend of acrobatics. On the celebration day, you will be amazed, you will play, jump and have fun for the whole family.

 Jump Street Petaling Jaya will be organizing an exciting line-up for its adrenaline junkies that are sure not to disappoint for the whole year. Among sport activities are Inter Trampoline Competition in September, Dodge Ball Tournament in October and Urban Sport Festival in November.

Trampolining is good for children and adults who are reluctant to begin physical activities. It gives a feeling of exhilaration and motivates them to try harder. This helps them to gain courage and self-confidence. Trampolining is easy and offers immediate success and accomplishment. Everybody wins!  The fascination never wears off because everyone can ALWAYS progress.

Mental Heath –
Trampolining has the sheer fun factor of jumping up and down it will make you smile, make you laugh, make you feel happy. It's unavoidable: you just can't feel blue when you're bouncing.

Improving Co-ordination –
Trampoline courses can bring about improvements in co-ordination and development, including attentiveness, desk posture, small muscle control, as well as walking and running postures. A child with poor coordination can benefit dramatically, and most children will gain co-ordination that carries over to every physical activity.

Stronger Bones –
Trampolining exercise is strenuous and has repetitive bounce action, which repeatedly puts bones under a small amount of stress sufficient to help them build themselves up to cope with stress and improves bone mineral content. This then reduces the risks of fractures, brittle bone disease and/or osteoporosis.
Cardiovascular Fitness –
Trampolining has been proven to increase your metabolic rate, and  really gets your heart rate up, blood pumping and increases your breathing and hence your lungs, essential for healthy cardiovascular Fitness.

Balance - 
Trampoline exercise is a great way to develop the skills that allow you to undertake a number of items requiring concentration at the same time: a keen sense of awareness on how your body's balance can be adjusted whilst bouncing, balancing, maintaining the body's position, and anticipating the next action.

Trim and Tone -
Trampolining uses a variety of muscles including stomach and legs and, in particular, the core. This helps you keep your tummy trim, your bottom toned, your thighs slim: in fact, the exercise and muscle control required is a really good way to burn fat, tone up and keep weight off.

Improves Motor Skills –
Using the trampoline improves motor skills by forcing the brain to function bilaterally.

Psychological Benefits –
Trampolining develops a positive attitude towards your body through FUN training to keep in shape; requires goal setting/sharing skills and perseverance; creates social interaction with peers/siblings and helps with sociability/manners developed through turn taking/waiting. Trampolining teaches good discipline and self-control.

Bring your friends and family and enjoy the thrill of flight at Malaysia’s BIGGEST indoor trampoline parks.  Whether you are new to trampolines or an expert aerial athlete, Jump Street has a fun activity for everyone. Jump around in the open court, play trampoline dodge ball, hone your aerial skills in the high performance area or enjoy a meal and a coffee at Jump Café. Even the little ones have a dedicated jumping area open for children under 110 cm.

Free jumping, Jump aerobics and, jump academy are also offered. But don’t miss the Saturday Jump Fever parties every first Saturday of the month that features a special theme at special price.

Jump Street also caters to group events, including birthday parties, corporate team buildings, family days and fundraisers.  If you need a snack or a nice cold drink, just pop into our Jump Café for some incredibly tasty and healthy food options to refill your energy after jumping.

It is great fun for jumpers of all ages and all skill levels!

For any information or booking on line, drop by: https://jumpstreetasia.com/ or join facebook.com/JumpStreetAsia/


  1. I've always wanted to try this! sadly enough, i cant find myself some free time.. maybe this week. lol

  2. wanna join ur fou jumping !!look so fun !! but i was lock up with busy schedule with my child n toddler!!

  3. wow!!!looks so funny!! Feel wanna move my body now!!! Jump jump jump!!

  4. it looks like a really fun place!! :D i wanna try it out myself too

  5. It's quite fun even for adults. At the same time, it could be very tiring too. Just reminds me of my age!

  6. Heard about this but not yet to pay a visit, is that nice? =D

  7. jump street, wish i can go there and jump jump jump too ! :D

  8. I'm so sad that I didn't get to try this Jump Street! It looks so fun, good for some sweat out exercise =D

  9. Must be really good exercise for the entire body since you are constantly moving

  10. Glad that this jump street is available now and I can go exercise

  11. A great and fun exercise. I would love to jump in too. My kids always jump on the beds and how many times I told them not to. hahah!

  12. I'm sure it's a great place to jump. My friend plays professionally in basketball and he used the help of a coach to get the best vertical jump program http://verticaljumpprograms.net/ . And now he plays like God, and I love watching him play.

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