Apr 13, 2016

Simple planning for an amazing wedding...

The cost of an average wedding, can soar to above RM50,000, and many couples to take out personal loans to pay for their nuptials if they are unable to get much financial support from their middle class parents.

A daughter of a close friend of mine, who is very much like a god daughter to me is planning to say I do and asked for my assistance in planning her wedding as she did not want to really be too extravagant...

After all excessive spending on weddings can strained a newlyweds’ relationships, and cause many newlyweds to get divorced after splurging on their big day because of financial concerns over starting a family, or even buying a car, so it is important to stick to your budget and not go overboard.

So I was doing my own research when another friend of mine introduced Bridestory to me...Bridestory happens to be a  leading online wedding marketplace in Southeast Asia. Their main focus is to build an advanced wedding platform that connects engaged couples with wedding vendors around the world... and  oh gosh... I love that site.. 

It is really very convenient and I was quite relieved I did not have to race from one end of KL to the other end and so forth in search of  wedding dresses, wedding shoes, wedding cakes, flowers, party favours and so on... Now planning a wedding can be as easy as just at your finger tips as well...

Isn't that a blessing... 

Let's see what I found that was of  interest to me ... all that we need for a lovely wedding.....

This gorgeous Butterflies and Blossoms wedding cake... by Miss Shortcakes....

What is a bride without her make up and hairdo.... You can get make up artists who can dress your hair up as beautifully too from BrideStory.. This one is from Pixie Makeup....

Chapter 1 by 7th Heaven Bridal Gallery - 009

Chapter 1 by 7th Heaven Bridal Gallery - 008

And for the wedding dress....I found so many eye popping and gorgeous ones at 7th Heaven Bridal Gallery...

Bridal Shoe Close Ups by Christy Ng Shoes - 033

A bride is just like Cinderella and need a pair of beautiful shoes for her wedding day.. and I found a few amazing pairs at Christy Ng 

Personalized Wedding Favors by Craft Kitchen - 004

For every Malay wedding and some other weddings there must be a small trinket or wedding favour for their guests...Something sweet and delicious packed in pretty sachets would be nice...and these came from Craft Kitchen  and affordably priced between RM4-8 

Wedding Of Jase & Alicia by Stories.my - 015

For a wedding to remember, you also need someone to record and immortalized your special moment so you can watch it or look at it in years to come or show it off to your children... Stories.my is a great photographer or videographer... Prices begin from RM1,500 for pre wedding packages...

Naturally, you need some pretty wedding cards to send out to your guests, and how about something as pretty as this from Gizby Cards

Dome Dinner Menu Set & Buffet Catering For Wedding by Teaffani Catering - 001

If you decide to have a home wedding, or a lovely park wedding or even a beach wedding somewhere, you would need a good caterer... and you can find this in Teaffani Catering . 

Teaffani Catering here offers wedding buffet packages from RM2,300 for 100pax, which I think is pretty reasonable... They offer a variety of dishes from light refreshments to a hearty meal....suitable for lunch or dinner..

Well, these are just a small portion of what I have  found interesting.. there is just so much more to find, see and explore over there at BrideStory, so if you are planning a wedding for yourself, a relative or for your BFF, you should check it out there....

In my opinion, a wedding comes along only once (hopefully) and we want one we can always remember so, it is important to have a nice one but within your budget, so if you cannot afford to invite 500 people, 100 of your closest relatives and friends should be more then enough....it does not matter what people say but rather it is within your budget and you are happy with it..

So for now, excuse me while I continue browsing and comparing dresses etc and such... at BrideStory... I need my god daughter to look as gorgeous as a fairy tale princess within our budget that is......

Check out : www.bridestory.com.my

Note: pictures here do not belong to me and has be sourced and taken from their respective owners on the BrideStory website for decorative and illustrative purposes except for the gif of the car which has been taken from google.com


  1. wedding is once a lifetime, so better plan it well.
    great tips here to share, thanks dear shall let friends know

  2. I love that gorgeous blue dress!!!! Planning for wedding is not an easy task. Great tips dear!

    1. I am so loving that too.. such a gorgeous dress...

  3. great tips bus I tak rasa nak kahwin lagi... I harap will neer enough with a one great man.... but kalau ada jodoh who knows kan ha3

  4. I just did a short photoshoot with Stories and I loved it! They are really good and professional. And thanks for sharing this, definitely come in handy when I want to get married the next time hehe.

  5. love those beautiful heels from Christy Ng!! :D definitely awesome for the bride

  6. All of these wedding photos are too hilarious. Thanks my friend for sharing these pictures. I want to make my wedding memorable for everyone and that’s why have booked one of most beautiful wedding venues Los Angeles for our wedding.

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