Apr 26, 2016

A slice of the best of Korea at CocoZ.Kr

I was over at CocoZ.KR the other day out of curiosity and also to get some pampering.. and it was a pretty cool place...It is a brand new Korean lifestyle experience, brought all the way from Seoul right into the heart of Kuala Lumpur's Golden Triangle! 

CocoZ.Kr is presented by the Sungei Wang Group where it gathers the best of Korean culture trends under one roof.. amazing huh!!! I kid you not!!

You cannot miss it as it is right at the entrance of Sg Wang Plaza (if you are facing the entrance, it is exactly on your left)

Nadia Heng was our host for the event and she looked so fetching in a Korean Hanbok I almost did not recognize her...

Being a vainpot at times, I was pretty intrigue by  Incoco.... Yeah, CocoZ.Kr is a not just a restaurant but also Korean fashion hub which you can find on the lower ground level that has brought in the best-selling nail polish appliques of Incoco. 

Incoco nail polish strips have made a name in Korea and internationally, and for the first time, is now available in Malaysia.

It is so easy to apply it seems like a no brainer.... just stick it on, rub it on properly and tear of the rest of it.........

 Made from 100% nail polish, Incoco nail polish strips combine three coatings of the base, colour and top layers into one easy-to-apply self-manicure with professional results. There are over 200 designs and styles for you to choose from, it requires no drying time (don't you hate it when you have painstakingly apply your nail polish just to get it smudged or messed up when you accidently get something on it!!!), and it last up to 14 days!! 

No kidding, the appliques I have on my fingernails are still almost perfect now... 5 days or 6 days since I had it on...

Fashion accessories lovers can complete their look with CocoZ.Kr’s Korean accessories that brings the latest fashion trends from the streets of Hongdae right into Malaysia. 

CocoZ.Kr accessories are carefully curated in limited numbers to ensure that each look can be uniquely tailored to suit every style and personality.

Don't you think this rings are just so adorable and don't you think that model's hand is just so wrinkly??? Can't help it ... that's my ugly hands....and I am an old woman now... so cannot run away.... unless got botox for hands??? hahahahah... kidding....

“It is no secret that the world is paying attention and taking a liking to Asian culture, especially in terms of food and fashion. Korean culture is a trend that is still going strong and we are excited to introduce this brand new concept store to Malaysia and further build the hype around all things Korean,” said Derrick Tan, Chairman of Sungei Wang Group. 

 CocoZ.Kr was officially launched with a fashion show that featured gorgeous models and former beauty queens showcasing each aspect of CocoZ.Kr, from food to fashion. 

The fashion show ended on a romantic high with a mock proposal that was received with awed sighs, cheers and well wishes.

 Among those present to witness the joyous occasion were Umie Aida, the CocoZ.Kr ambassador, Megan Tan, Yvonne Sim and Tuti of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 fame.

“I’ve always been interested in Korean culture and fashion, and CocoZ.Kr makes a perfect hangout spot for me between shoots,” said Umie Aida, actress and CocoZ.Kr ambassador. “Incoco Nails Strips, especially, make it so convenient for me to keep my nails in perfect condition even with my busy schedule.” 

The outlet features the first overseas location of the famous Jongno Halmeoni Kalguksu restaurant and serves up its signature handmade knife-cut noodle soup. Perfected through generations and whetting appetites since 1988, the wheat flour noodles are served in a heavenly rich and fragrant seafood broth. 

Jongno Halmeoni Kalguksu translates to  “Jongno Grandmother’s Knife Cut Noodles” which is one of Korea's top noodle stores specialising in freshly handmade kalguksu (knife cut) noodles.

The ingredients are imported directly from Korea to ensure the highest quality and authenticity in taste. 

It is pork-free and made with great quality anchovy soup stock and hand-made noodles and are served with an unlimited refill of Kimchi (and I swear , this are the yummiest Kimchi you can have in Malaysia!!!).

Since the first store opened in 1988, Jongno Halmeoni Kalguksu's chewy noodles and rich heritage has attracted generations of customers that flock to the stores every lunch and dinner time. Jongno Halmeoni Kalguksu has now expanded to almost 30 branches in Korea and this is the first store in Malaysia!!!!

Go try it!! It is really super yummy... and so healthy...

·         Bingsu King is CocoZ.Kr’s own take on the famed Korean shaved ice dessert, which comes with a host of flavours to suit any palate.   Bingsu King’s bingsu comes in generous portions and four different flavours - traditional red bean, tropical mango, sweet strawberry and indulgent chocolate .

 I love the tropical mango and sweet strawberry loads as sadly I really do not know how to appreciate red beans that much...yeapp... I am one of those who will order the ais kacang without any kacang... LOL and you know what... I love the bingsu!!! More please!!!

Best of all, indulging in great Korean food here will not burn a hole in your pocket or wallet as CocoZ.Kr offers a scrumptious and authentic Korean set meal that includes a choice of drink and a plate of dumplings starting from just RM15.00. 

To catch up on the latest promotions, follow their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cocoz.kr.


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