Sep 15, 2016

Review: Sumber Ayu Daun Sirih Feminine Intimate Wash...

As women we have to be responsible for our own hygiene, especially when it comes to our vagina or I shall name her Miss V…. That scented body wash may be nice to use, but it actually doesn't belong anywhere near Miss V. Did you know soap can be really drying to the sensitive skin around Miss V.

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Personally, my Miss V is quite sensitive and I often get some itchiness and extra discharge when I am finishing that time of the month and out the whole day….and it is when I find that feminine hygiene wash comes in very handy…

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To avoid an over build up of bacteria that causes itching in our Miss V, we should use feminine hygiene wash. This is to keep the pH level of Miss V balanced and protects the vagina from infections and inflammations.

I was given a chance to sample the Sumber Ayu Daun Sirih Feminine Hygiene Wash. It came in a pretty pink box with three small bottles….Rose, Floral and Gambir….

Sumber Ayu Daun Sirih (Betel Leaf) Feminine Hygiene Wash is infused with all the natural ingredients formulated to keep our Miss V in a condition that is free from bad bacteria, itchiness and bad odor while regulating pH levels to the ideal pH3.5

Sumber Ayu Daun Sirih Feminine Intimate Wash is available in 6 different scents– Orchid , Rose, Floral, Daun Sirih, Musk, Gambir and Fruity  that gives you a feeling  of freshness and it has also been certified with" Halal" by JAKIM as it is safe to consume by Muslim consumer.  So gunakan tanpa was-was (Use without any worries)

My thoughts on the Sumber Ayu Daun Sirih Feminine Intimate Wash:
The texture is a little bit too watery I think, but I like the nice refreshing scent floral or herbal… It is definitely easy to be brought around, for those who are very concern over the hygiene of Miss V as it is quite small and can be popped into a ziplock bag or your toiletry bag.

A small amount (I use about the size of an old Malaysian 20 cent coin) is enough to wash Miss V and keep her fresh….

Sumber Ayu Daun Sirih Feminine Intimate Wash can be purchased in any supermarkets or pharmacies in Malaysia at just RM 3.60 (90ml) and RM5.80 (200ml). Sumber Ayu is a quality personal care product proudly brought to you by WIPRO UNZA

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  1. Been awhile since I've seen a product from Unza. Price very reasonable and yes maintaining Miss V hygiene is very important.

  2. Finally a post about this item in English! Love it. Price seems reasonable too.

  3. Daun Sirih Feminine Intimate Wash is a traditional product. will try it out because i like traditional product, ingredients naturally!

  4. nice, I tried each of them. they are suitable for me.

  5. Haven't tried this before. Looks like good product.

  6. Great product to recommend to all my gal's friend...

  7. i love the floral favor~~~~~ really great product!! I will recommend to my friends too..

  8. The price are affordable...and have a lot of scent to choose.. good...

  9. Hygiene needs to be maintained for entire body and for sensitive parts especially. This product looks quite good.

  10. Have not heard of Sumber Ayu before but since the prices are so affordable, I don't mind trying. Besides, the gambir looks interesting.

  11. I like the refresh feeling when using Sumber Ayu. It keep my V clean andmaintain the pH level.

  12. Thanks for sharing. I haven't use any feminine wash before.


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