Jun 11, 2017

Pretty Suci - Halal Beauty's Home

So yours truly was over at the Snug, at the Hotel Stripes for a Berbuka Puasa & Intimate Sessions with PrettySuci.com recently...

In case, you have somehow missed it, PrettySuci.com is the latest beauty and skincare online store which has been dedicated to halal - certified products.

PrettySuci.com is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs with a penchant for beauty. The website offers a selection of Halal products not only from Malaysia, but also other brands sourced globally, including from Australia, USA, Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia ...

Some of the brands include Make Over and Wardah from Indonesia; Naveen from Taiwan; Amara Halal Cosmetics and Tom's of Maine from USA; Kester Black from Australia; Talent Cosmetics from Korea; and of course, PrettySuci, So.Lek, Naelofa, Marcella and Co, Sorfina Hal and Imaan Suci from Malaysia, all which have mustered huge followings in their respective countries and now expanding their appeal and availability to a larger audience thanks to PrettySuci.com

So you can be sure that there are a wide selection of beauty and skincare products from mascara, lipstick, foundation and moisturizer and well, even halal nail polish... all for the Muslimah fashionistas...though in truth, the attraction of halal beauty products actually goes beyond just Muslim beauty fans.. Lots of non Muslims are also attracted to halal beauty products because they are free of animal by-products and harmful ingredients like alcohol. It is also free from cruelty since it will not be tested on any animals and usually organic products

Founded by two lovely and young entrepreneurs, YM Tunku Dato' Kaiyisah Tunku Kamil Ikram and Natasha Dato' Sri Mohammad Ozeir who took their mutual love for make up to the next level by making it accessible to women all over the globe...

PrettySuci.com is a platform for well-known brands as well as a platform for rising brands, which PrettySuci.com hopes to nurture with market feedback and consumer input...

Along with the platform, PrettySuci.com actually has their own Pretty Suci lip creme as well which has been selling like hot cakes...the latest being a beautiful collaboration with Malaysia's Jazz Queen Dato' Sheila Majid and the birth of Boneka, a limited edition lip creme, which is just so vibrant and lovely...

I for one am a huge fan of Pretty Suci lip cremes...and we had a great time getting to know the two resourceful and lovely ladies at the event as well as with Kaka Azraff, who graced the event with her presence, as well...

Do take the time to check out the website for some amazing deals


  1. Wow! This is amazing. Finally a beauty platform for everything halal. Its time to not deprived the market because many Muslims are into beauty as well. Congratulations for the launch!

  2. Good product. Not easy to find halal product nowdays.

  3. How wonderful to create a brand of halal make up to cater to Muslim women and of other religions who prefer to use something 'pure'. Have yet to check out the website but will do so shortly.

  4. Ohh so it was a cosmetics company. I thought it was a clothing line, with the name Boneka. I love the name, unique.

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