Jun 29, 2017

Beauty Review: Sweedskin Luminous Cleanser and Skin Activator Mist

After hearing plenty of good things about Sweedskin, yours truly finally got her hands on two products to try it out... The Sweedskin Luminous Cleanser and the Skin Activator Mist..

These are just 2 products out of a range of 7 products SNA Wellness International Sdn. Bhd has created in collaboration with the laboratory from Solabia Group, France as well as Mibelle Group Biochem... 

And claimed to be the ultimate skincare innovation, being the first in the world to use Celtonyl (yam leaf extract) and Snow Algae Powder as part of their products’s formulation which acts as an active ingredient to protect and activates longevity factors in skin cells, rejuvenates and protects skin at cellular level and at the same time, safeguards skin's youthfulness...

Sweedskin comes in range of 7 skincare products Sweedskin Luminous Cleanser, Skin Activator Mist, Luminous Moisturizer Serum, Daily Defence Cream, Brightening Serum, Age Reversing Serum and Sebum Reducer Serum... But I am only gonna share my thoughts on what I have, which are the Luminous Cleanser and the Skin Activator Mist, ya...huhuhu

The Sweedskin Luminous Cleanser contains citric acid and amino acid with natural protein and it helps to balance skin PH.

This refreshing cleansing gel that cleanses gently yet pretty thoroughly helping protect your delicate skin against outside environment, and leaving your skin feeling clean, soft, smooth and glowing youthfully.

I did a test using it on my skin filled with long lasting make up... Such as mascara, eye liner, eye shadow and also my favorite lip cream that can last me from morning to night. 

And then just squirted two pumps of the Sweedskin Luminous Cleanser over it...

See the mess... After I gently rub the cleanser over the makeup...

But what do you know..., all the makeup actually came off just like, that leaving my skin clean and clear.....

Using the cleanser on my face is just so refreshing as well and I feel my face cleansed yet with no tight feeling... 

And it really helps when you use the Skin Activator Mist after that....

The Skin Activator Mist on the other hand  contains Celtonyl as the main ingredient and helps hydrate our skin effectively...

This fast-absorbing oil free solution formulated gentle enough for daily use on your skin and offers a superior after feel without any greasy or oily feeling and this is what I love...

It makes my skin feeling oh so refreshed, moist yet clean and comfortable..

Psst... I have pretty dehydrated skin and I also spritz some of these Sweedskin Skin Activator Mist on my elbows and feet and it really helps...

According to the founder who just looks so lovely  and flawless for her age, Datin Sri Siti Noor Asikin Binti Muhammad, Sweedskin products are suitable for people from all walks of life and you can really see significant change in the skin structure two weeks after using the products as they benefited from the natural ingredients in the product.

You are very lucky these products which were previously accessible to dematologists and beauty experts only, are now available for all at selected Healthlane Pharmacy as well as Sweedskin kioks.

 And for your information, these skincare are unbelievably reasonably priced.. for their benefits, I would have expected it to cost at least double the price but they are just so affordable...

For those who prefers to purchase online may hop over to Lazada or 11Street.

For more info, be sure check out their website: www.sweedskin.com


  1. This product looks promising! Especially how it removes make up so easily! Love it!

  2. Good to know about the product that will be helpful for me to maintain my skin. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is very new to me and it seems luxurious for the skin. The activator effect is soinds interesting. I'll ask me friend to grab me this when she goes to Malaysia.

  4. Haven't try this brand yet. Seem nice to use. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Wahhh a good skincare product. Did Sweedskin offer ance range? If yes I would love to try.

  6. wow such a good makeup remover! Gonna check out soon

  7. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  8. I have not try this brand yet, the facial cleanser looks promising thou.

  9. New brand to try!! The removing effect is really effective, will definitely give it a try =)

  10. hmmm better not get my gf to see this.. :p

    but its kinda good products

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