Jun 7, 2017

"California Raisins Raya Manis"

The Raisin Administrative Committee recently organized an event at the Cooking House in Bangsar, meant to inspire a sweet raya with home-made delicacies using California Raisins...

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Richard Lieu, RAC Trade Director for Malaysia, mentioned that most consumers should choose to snack on raisins as these tiny dried and nutritious fruits are just perfect eaten right out of the box and it can also can be implemented into a variety of dishes, cakes, pastries and so much more.
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Chef Rohani Jelani who is a Food Stylist and Menu Maker took some time off to share with us her tips and tricks in using raisins in making sweet and savoury festive home-made dishes which are healthy for all!! 

Chef Rohani stressed on California Raisins' many nutritional values just as she got down to showcasing to us how easily she created some Makmur Cookies with California Raisins as the filling and also some sambal with raisins....

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We got to check out a variety of dishes had raisins incorporated in them .. and it sure was delightful...The dishes were:

California Raisins Sambal 

Makmur Cookies 

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Pulut Kuning with California Raisins

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Kuih Lopes with California Raisins

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Creme Caramel with California Raisins 

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 Bubur Cha Cha  with California Raisins 

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Honey Lemon  with California Raisins

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When lunch was over we were ushered upstairs where a cooking contest took place.  

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My group, Raisinlicious, consisted of the lovely Betty Liew, Elana Khong and Bee Lee...

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We decided to create the California Raisin Cinnamon Bread Butter Pudding and came out with this... and though we did not win as other groups dishes were definitely more creative and interesting, we learned a few new tips and tricks...

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Did you know California Raisins are 100% natural? The only elements used to produce California Raisins are plenty of sunshine and mountain water.  
California Raisins are made from a seedless grape variety, go through a strict production process with rigorous quality and grading so consumers can be assured that California Raisins are clean and ready for immediate consumption or use.
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  • It is said that eating raisins can greatly improve people suffering from anemia as California Raisins are very rich in iron, which is a very important mineral that anemic individuals need to consistently replenish in their body.
  • Studies have shown that California Raisins may prevent the growth of cancerous cells as well as reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Consuming California Raisins can actually prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, and cavities!
  • California Raisins’s Phenolic Phytonutrients can help bring down a fever and help fight viral infections.
  • Consuming California Raisins regularly can help you maintain healthy eyes as well as reduce your risk of macular degeneration. 


  1. Okay.. the sambal one i really didn't think of at all!!! sedap keee??

  2. it is more fruity and you do not have to add sugar in to your sambal.. thats for sure


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