Jun 25, 2017

HUAWEI P10 Series the Preferred Device for Malaysian Professional Photographers

So yours truly was one of the lucky few who got to attend the final HUAWEI P10 Photography Masterclass Series today at the HUAWEI store at Pavilion Elite, in which HUAWEI held as a gesture of thanks to its Malaysian customers for helping the P10 outselling and shifting twice the volume in half the time compared to the P9 series last year...

The HUAWEI P series is first model to surpass 10 million units shipped worldwide with the P9 but also earn a spot on the coveted Forbes’ Most Valuable Brands of 2017 list..

This HUAWEI P10 Photography Masterclass Series is one of the many ways in which HUAWEI gives back their customers and they look forward to further engagements with their customers on other various platforms with the HUAWEI P10 and P10 Plus as the year progresses.

Pic credit to Nic Chung

Pic credit to Calven Lim

Pic credit to Edwin Tan

Over the period of three weekends, smartphone photography fans have picked up practical and theoretical tips on making the most of the Leica camera technology packed into their HUAWEI P10 and HUAWEI P10 Plus smartphones at the HUAWEI P10 Photography Masterclass series. 

In up close and personal sharing sessions celebrating smartphone photography as an art, HUAWEI customers were taken through various photography workshops including Cinematic Photography (feat. Edwin Tan and Evert Cheong), Street Photography (feat. Prakash Daniel) and Visual Storytelling (feat. Calven Lim).

The final workshop in this series which yours truly got to join in was headlined by wedding, portrait and fashion photographer Nic Chung with tips on every smartphone photographer’s favourite activity; candid portraiture with friends – a timely session in view of the ongoing festive season. 

Thanks to Nic Chung, and also Calven Lim who was there as well and who became our model for the session, and HUAWEI for organizing this awesome and enlightening workshop, I picked up a few important tips and tricks and sure learned how to take a better portrait and how to make use of shadows and the benefits of using the portrait mode of the HUAWEI P10 as well as the wide aperture button as well...

...and I can't believe how easy it was.. and how using monochrome can make a picture more soulful..

If you are looking for a good camera smartphone, you really should consider the HUAWEI P10 or HUAWEI P10 Plus...

Building on the incredible success of the HUAWEI Mate 9 and HUAWEI P9 dual cameras, the HUAWEI P10 and HUAWEI P10 Plus introduce HUAWEI’s latest dual camera co-engineered with Leica – Leica Dual-Camera 2.0 and Leica Dual-Camera 2.0 Pro Edition.

Both devices are the first to include precise 3D facial technology, portrait enhancements and dynamic illumination. Inside the camera, users will find a 12-megapixel RGB sensor, a 20-megapixel monochrome sensor and enhanced fusion algorithms. When paired with the dual camera Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) solution and the industry’s first dual camera pixel binning technology, the HUAWEI P10 and HUAWEI P10 Plus offer superior night shot capabilities. Additional studio-level portrait tools and illumination effects were also developed based on extensive research.

For more information on upcoming HUAWEI’s P10 Photography Masterclass Series workshops, please visit: http://consumer.huawei.com or HUAWEI’s official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HuaweiMobileMY.


  1. Truly, Huawei Technologies is a game changer. I love my first Huawei P9 and I use it for my blogging photography. Am excited to get Huawei p10!

  2. P10 camera is awesome... memang good for photog

  3. I haven't tried Huawei before but I've heard about the camera quality of P9. I do know that Leica is on top of their game when it comes to cameras and it shows in the photos you have here. The photos are sharp and the color looks great too.

  4. I am huawei user <3 really love their camera ~ Good for photography, you can find out more feature if you explore more

  5. P9 pun dah hebat, inikan pula P10. Huwaaaa next investment maybe. Hahahah

  6. P10 camera is so cool, especially with their new Leica camera. I think i just get one of this instead of a camera, it could be so convenient.

  7. I wish I could get myself this phone. But with my budget, it is either the phone or camera..I think I should get the camera because of certain conditions that the phone may not be capable.

  8. ahhh... should have consider this no need to carry my big dslr... lolx... - racheal foodilifecious

  9. Huawei P10 become my best wish! Many ppl talked about this. It is best photography! :D

  10. I've heard really good things about Huawei - especially the photographic abilities. Would like to try it but I'm still a die hard Apple fan though lol.


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