Jan 15, 2016

A Union of Hundred Lions, Centuries of Prosperity

Yours truly was at Sungai Wang Plaza to check out the very intriguing theme " A Union of Hundred Lions, Centuries of Prosperity" a couple of days ago and it sure proved to be as fascinating as it sound... as mentioned, the mall was decked out with a hundred lion (lion dance) heads all over the mall in a riot of festive Lunar New Year colours...

And I got to meet this cute Chai Sen Yeh or God of Prosperity, who gave me not one but two angpows  of gold..... errr..... chocolate.... so does this mean I am going to be rich with chocolate this year??? LOL

Chinese people believe that lions can dispel bad spirit and bring good luck and great omen...And in light of this Chinese New Year celebration, Sungai Wang Plaza hopes to convey good fortune and good luck of all shoppers, tenants and shop owners....

We got to enjoy the lovely opening performance before the ceremony was launched by Miss Natalie Leong, Executive Director (Property Management Commercial) of Knight Frank Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Mr Joseph Teo, Head of Marketing Communications of Sungei Wang Plaza, and the special celebrity guests Adrian Tan, Alvin Chung, Eunice Hoo and Amy Wang...

This Chinese New Year celebration will be ongoing from now until 14th February 2016 with plenty of exciting performances and events happening during the weekend. 

These activities will include different lion dance performances, Mask Changing performances, CNY mini kids dance performance and many more. There will also be CNY arts and crafts workshops for parents and kids to try their hands on... and of course.. don't forget to meet the Chai Sen Yeh or God of Prosperity who will be giving out tokens of good luck to shoppers and tourists....

There is a Chinese New Year market hall set up next to the centre stage where you can find some festive delights and festive season related items as usual, merchandises ranging from food and beverage to Chinese New Year decorative ornaments......

And oh, do not miss the charity bazaar which will be held on 16th January (tomorrow), as part of  Sungei Wang Plaza's CSR program. It will start from 11am to 9pm. You will be able to find amazing hand made products by senior citizens, food and beverage and so on....Do come and give the old folks some support....

We were surely surprised to be seeing some LED Lion Dance Performance  at the press conference.... which came with a Lion Single High Pole Dance Performance as well... thrilling us with death defying acts....I was practically holding on to the edge of my seat...

Shoppers can redeem a set of exclusive Ang Pao packet from Sungei Wang Plaza with RM150 spent (in max 2 receipts) and if you spend more then RM388 (in max 2 receipts) then you can be entitled for the Properous Pull and Redeem instant redemption... You could just stand to redeem an exclusive Sungei Wang Plaza's decorative lion head.... Redemptions are available at the Customer Service centre on Ground Floor.....

Check out the timetable here...  http://www.sungeiwang.com/lg_CNY2016.htm


  1. I like lion dance and wish to receive more mandarin orange from the lions

  2. Lion dance and dragon dance are my fave during CNY!

  3. wow the Lion heads are special. Would shop there soon.


  4. Always love lion dance. Hope will be lucky enough to catch one (or more) this year. And to get mandarin oranges. Hehe..

  5. CNY is coming. more and more lion n redness we can see. hehe. always impress on how they can dance on that pillat :p

  6. love to be at all these mall launches.. they really put effort in arranging the decor and performances.

  7. CNY mood everywhere.. So nice!~ Interesting to have hundred lions!~


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