May 1, 2016

Esse Organic Skincare

I was invited to check out a new range of organic skincare recently.. and as everyone knows organic skincare are pretty popular nowadays, but what made these range of skincare stand out was they were the first to have LIVE probiotics in their skincare....

Yup... almost the same kind of probiotics in that bottle of Yakult.. Why probiotics? 

Well, probiotics is said to be able to stabilize skin's defense system and help our skin regain its natural balance, much like how probiotics do for your gut. Probiotics is said to have an ability to calm inflammation in patients with chronic skin conditions. Probiotics can have a calming effect on the skin....

The majority of skin disorders are linked to disruptions in the skin microbiome and accelerated ageing is no exception.

Because of this, Esse has explored new ways to optimise the health of the skin microbiome to reduce the rate at which your skin ages.

Esse uses a multi-dimensional approach  to optimise  the  microbiome on the skin

This includes pH, preservation, essential fatty acid balance, and the use of the purest certified organic ingredients. With strong basics in place, the formulations are suitable for the true microbiome game changers: the pre and probiotics.

In the new Esse Plus line, prebiotics are used to selectively feed beneficial microbes at the expense of potentially pathogenic ones. This gives you a diverse and stable skin microbiome that results in improved barrier function and moisture retention.

Live probiotics and probiotic extracts actively shape the microbial populations in and on the skin. This optimises skin health and slows the ageing process, resulting in firmer, fuller skin and a strong anti-wrinkle effect.

Exclusive to the Esse Plus line, Devil’s Claw is a desert plant that is harvested from the Kalahari in Namibia. It is one of the most potent inflammatory modulators in the plant kingdom, dramatically slowing the ageing process while protecting collagen and elastin, the building blocks for youthful skin.

Esse have perfected a new extraction technique of the Kigelia extract for a stronger firming effect and boosted anti-ageing.

Both these plants are wild-harvested to maximise the potency of the extracts.

Esse Plus introduced six new products which included three serums, two moisturisers, and an eye contour cream.

Esse Probiotic Serum is the foundation of the range and is recommended for all clients starting on the Plus range. It contains one billion live probiotic microbes per millilitre to expedite the colonisation of healthy microbes on your skin.

The Esse Intensity Serum offers a temporary lessening of wrinkles in just a few hours with its ability to relax facial muscle, whereas the Esse Ageless Serum shows a strong and lasting firming effect on ageing skin. It lifts and plumps with a series of new actives including Devil’s Claw and Kigelia.

Esse Eye Contour Cream  contains  actives that strengthen vascular structure (to prevent bruising), inhibit tyrosinase (to reduce pigmentation), as well as firming and plumping extracts to reduce fine lines.

Esse Defence Moisturiser is formulated to protect and feed normal skin, providing prebiotics, probiotic extracts, Hyaluronic Acid, Kigelia and Devil’s Claw.

Esse Restorative Moisturiser give us a more intensive moisturising effect but the same basic array of actives as the  Defence  Moisturiser  that strengthen barrier function, improve tight junctions and boost moisturisation.

The introduction of Esse Plus Organic Skincare was made interesting by some child actors/actresses who told a story of why probiotics was so vital in our lives, before bringing the products out for a photo opportunity...

Aren't they just so adorable?!

Anyway, these are some of the key ingredients that are contained in Esse Organic Skincare range...

Probiotics – Several Lactobacillus species (and their extracts) are used in the range.

The Probiotic Serum uses live Lactobacillus species and this has the highest impact on the skin’s microbiome.

Some other products claim to contain probiotic cells that are still whole and able to dock into the binding sites on keratinocytes, but their probiotic cells are no longer alive. 

The metabolites in the fermentation “broth” are also included. The key effect is to stimulate a beneficial response from your skin – it increases β –defensin production and improves tight junction function.

In other products the Lactobacillus cells have been deliberately broken. The resultant extract has an ability to shift the types of microbial populations on our skin because it has a damaging effect on opportunistic microbes.

Devil’s Claw extract – Esse have brought this new ingredient to skincare because they found exceptional results in the protection of elastin and collagen.

Concentrated extract of Pfaffia paniculata (Pfaffia), Marapuama (Ptychopetalum olacoides), and Lilium candidum (White Lily) –  This  powerful  combination  extract   is standardised for saponins and flavonoids. It primarily has a lightening and smoothing effect. This combination also reduces puffiness and firms our skin by improving elasticity, particularly around the eye, but it is effective on all skin. Its effects are seen within 25 days.
Belides extract – Most under-eye pigmentation issues are caused by post- inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, particularly in darker skin. Belides acts on this by reducing the transfer rate of melanosomes from melanocytes to normal skin cells. Each melanocyte is in contact with approximately 36 skin cells and delivers melanosomes to all of them. This is largely prevented and a very strong lightening effect is achieved on dark circles that are caused by pigmentation

Albizia julibrissin extract – This extract lifts the upper eyelid, reduces crow’s feet, and diminishes puffiness. It has been shown to improve collagen synthesis by 256% and elastin synthesis by 229%, helping to prevent the rupture of capillaries in the fragile networks below the eye. It also improves the appearance of wrinkles around the eye by between 14% and 33% in two weeks.

Kigelia extract – Esse's own, targeted extract of Kigelia provides a strong firming effect on skin. Results can be seen after just two weeks of continuous use.

Low Molecular Mass Hyaluronic Acid – The HA levels in this product line are exceptionally high to produce the maximum hydrating and anti-wrinkle effect for our skin.

Last but not least, is the Mafane extract (Acmella Oleracea) – This extract has a powerful myorelaxing effect – it relaxes muscle so that wrinkles soften over the course of one to two hours. Over time, with continuous use, wrinkle depth decreases and there is a smoothing effect on the skin.

We did check out the different colours and textures of the serum and found the Probiotic Serum very rich and somewhat slightly oily, so I think it would be great using it before bed...

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  1. Thank you Miera for the wonderful and in-depth write-up. To add on to your observation on the probiotic serum, you are correct that at first note, it looks a little oily. The reason is that the probiotic serum are oil based as this helps to keep the serum preservatives-free as any preservatives will kill the live probiotics. We recommend using the probiotic serum at night, and the quantity needed are very small. After using, you will realised that it gets absorbed into the skin fairly quickly and will not cause oilyness on the surface. :-)
    We will definitely share this on our facebook page...

    1. Thank you for visiting my page... appreciate it.. and it is a good product.. there is no denying it...


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