May 22, 2016

Treasure hunting at Markets 18....

For me, there is nothing more lovely then strolling through bazaars, flea markets, markets with bric n' bracs and so on in search of unique 'treasures' you normally cannot find elsewhere... and believe me each time I wander around in any of these bazaars or Sunday/ weekend 'markets', I will come across some pretty amazing items and so on....

I was at the Markets by Jaya One recently over the past weekend (on 14 and 15 May ), and all I can say is 'Wow'....... 
It was definitely heaven there for fashion devotees, food aficionados and lifestyle enthusiasts. It was my first time there after hearing a lot about it and so I was excited and could not wait to find out more... or see what was available.... and it definitely did not disappoint at all!!!!

There was a whopping 120 vendors, being the biggest Markets to date. 
imSold, a buying and selling app was the main sponsor, and it hosted a variety of games, one of which participants had an opportunity to sell items provided by imSold to random strangers through the app. 
Participants walked away with cash vouchers as well as the money made from the sale. How cool was that!!! I heard there was also a treasure hunt where one lucky contestant walked away with cash vouchers worth RM160 to shop at Markets.
An ice cream eating contest sponsored by Jersey Jack Gelato had participants fighting through a brain freeze by being the quickest to finish two scoops of ice cream! On top of that, participants who successfully reenacted certain movie scenes were given free tickets to Potted Potter by Milestone Productions.
As so you can see, there was just soooo much fun there...

I was there on the first day....and while we were strolling through the stalls, we got to enjoy music from up-and-coming musicians such as Hameer Zawawi, a singer-songwriter, Djezna's Stalker as well as Nan Blues amazed the crowd with their music performances. I heard that on the second day there were Three Octaves, a three piece acoustic rock band, and Ray Cheong, a singer-Songwriter cum guitarist who has performed in countless venues all over the states in Malaysia and continents of Southeast Asia, United Kingdom and Europe.
Let me take you on a little trip through the markets my way....

I happened across some very pretty cakes and cupcakes stall.....

And there as this very unique popcorn New York stall selling packed popcorn in unique flavors...namely Sea Salt and Pepper, Cheese, Spicy BBQ and of course,, the regular Caramel...You should try it.. I found the Cheese pretty tasty ... and I also got myself the spicy BBQ to try...

Which girl can resist these pretty Korean designed accessories..... 

Jeanie Botanicals stall sells artisan crafted health and beauty products..Her products are all 100% raw, natural and made from organic herbs, butters, clays, buts and plant- based oils, salts, essential oils and various other earth elements... take a whiff of it... you will feel like you are in some fine spa somewhere.....

And while browsing for clothes, do not forget your BFF, I mean your smartphone could use a new 'outfit' as well... grab one here... they have the cutest and most unique covers I have seen....Too bad there weren't any for my Vivo or Huawei.... huhuhu

Another interesting stall is the Terra Living stall... offering plants in amazing looking pots and pretty Terrariums for plant lovers..I loved them...Got me a cute little Terrarium, Totoro in the garden in a tube ....hahah

Check out these key pouches.....aren't they just so sweet.....and they have been obviously lovinglay handmade by the looks of it...

Do check out TresClasse Collection for absolutely pretty dresses and tops.... I got an adorable dress from this stall for my daughter and she loved it to bits....

And these gorgeous handmade books were really something..... it would be so perfect as a gift for your friend or for yourself...!!! I was pretty into this stall and could not decide which design to go for as they were all so well made and pretty....

Feeling peckish? I found this stall selling delicious home made Laksa and Pumpkin Barley drink... it was really yummy....

This is my Pumpkin Barley drink

And this is my Laksa from the Laksa Chef..... doesn't it look just so scrumptious.... It taste amazing!!!! And I found out that they actually supply Frozen Assam Laksa Fish Broth that is ideal for feeding your family at dinner or when you are having a party.....  

These pretty colourful bottles are actually artisan juices from Rosey Dovey... cold pressed and packed in these lovely bottles... try them... they are just so perfect for you!!!

Looking for something healthy? Check out  Alison Food Company's stall . They provide convenient healthy food that looks good, tastes good and are incredibly good for your body!!! and yes, they even home deliver!!!

This is my yogurt with strawberry puree, blue berries and some almonds and nuts...

Want something pretty in the bathroom? Be sure to check out Artiz Soap.. these gorgeous handmade soaps using natural soap ingredients are so pretty I got some for my sister in law and she scolded me as she said she almost ate them... LOL

See... they are so pretty!!!! 

If you are gonna have a party or some function, you really need to check out Little Dandelion. They are an event decorator and they are really good at what they do....

 They provide you lovely personalised balloons, helium balloons, candy buffet table and so on..... and they are really good at what they do!!!

Check out these cute button fridge magnets....

And I found some pretty amazing Taiwanese products, such as the popular Mom's Dry Noodles, these dried fruits and some pretty awesome face masks you HAVE to check out....from 101shop

Anyway, if you missed out on Markets 18,no worries.....! There is more to come!!!! And I am so excited!!!!
I am marking my calendars and will be making my way to Jaya One for the upcoming Markets instalments as below, what about you....: 
  • Markets 19th installment: 13 and 14 August
  • Markets 20th installment: 15 and 16 October
  • Markets 21st installment: 10 and 11 December

To know more, check out their Facebook page at


  1. I do love walk around like those bazaar market as I can have eye opening of many things and brands that I don't get to know. And the reasons why I love to do so is because I was been educated when I'm having my college life at IACT College,Jaya One. xD

    1. how lucky... don't miss any of the bazaars there... heheeh

  2. I was there too <3 I can't stop shopping around there too, so much goodies and cheap stuffs to get =D

    1. I know right... there were just so many amazing stuff.....and so little money and time.. hahahah

  3. ok, I want to get some cakes there the next time it's up........ macam very happening!

  4. yea! Jaya One always has bazaar. Glad that you enjoyed your time spent there.

  5. Ohh what do I missed!? The Artiz Soap really so pretty!

    1. I know right... could not resist getting some for my Sister In Law as a gift...

  6. Pumpkin Barley and Artiz Soaps are really a steal! Seriously, sometimes when you just look around in shopping malls, there is so much cute stuff to buy.

  7. These markets are super saver and you get a real good bargain and some stuff which you might not see otherwise.

  8. Ah, this is the kind of shopping I like. I could spend the entire day there. I need to wait for the next installment.

    1. exactly really browse through them all, you need a few hours...

  9. the school.. so many interesting stalls.. :)

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