May 11, 2016

Move Young Campaign with Anlene MoveMax

People who know me will say I am childish at times, and yes, I do not deny that fact.. I may be 40 now, and that is how old I am... but well, frankly, my dear, I have never grown up, only older, as I can never stop age... and it is because of age that I am already beginning to feel rusty and creaky... when my back begins to ache and when my knees start to hurt sometimes....

But inside?? There is a kid waiting to be let out. I am that carefree, fun loving kid who just wants to enjoy life, have loads of fun and in future end my life a bang if I can, like fireworks!!!

 Sometimes it is hard, because as we age, our musculoskeletal system loses some of its function. Our bones get more fragile, and our cartilage and joints lose their resilience little by little and our muscles weaken. Oxidative stress and inflammation factor in impacting the health of our bones, joints and muscles, which in many ways impact our movements..

So I was certainly delighted when I found out about Anlene's new Move Young campaign. It is a campaign to get Malaysians like you and me to move as young as we feel inside. How awesome is that?! 

Anlene has now came up with a brand new formulation known as MoveMax which contains calcium for bones, collagen for joints, protein for muscles as well as other important nutrients that helps our musculoskeletal health such as magnesium, zinc, and key vitamins.

This formulation is available in the powdered form as well as in the yogurt. The powdered form comes in two flavours, plain and chocollate and available in 1kg, 600g and 175g packs. 

The Anlene Yogurt is available in four delicious variants for us to indulge in.... and trust me... they are yummy your tastebuds will thank you for it and your body will appreciate it too!!!

Do you know movement is critical to maintaining our body systems as it is to developing children? Yeah!! Many old folks think that because the body starts to ache and creak, they should take things easy and move less, which is a HUGE mistake!!! When you stop moving that much, it is actually a sure fire way to hinder yourself further and invite unwanted complications...

Movement helps maintain our muscoskeletal system by maintaining its health, especially when coupled with the right nutrition....

Movement develops and maintains our muscles, connective tissues and bones, in which in turn give good flexibility, posture, balance, stamina and strength which are components of movement. Research shows that active adults have a 30% higher chance of enhanced wellbeing than inactive adults...

And it is because of this, Anlene made members of the media and bloggers go through a taste of youthful movement featuring jumping on a trampoline, arcade dance moves and a tyre swing in a tree house as well as schoolyard games such as hopscotch at their experiential launch....

Top blogger Isaac and Charmaine showing of their dance skills at the arcade dance....

Next up, top food blogger Ivy and yours truly attempting the arcade dance...Mind you, I have never quite done this before.. LOL.....and so obviously struggling with it....

Oh look.... here I am swinging on the tyre swing like a monkey... LOL... This was quite a hard challenge as it required us to swing from side to side in the attempt to grab some balls stuck to the board.....

I only managed to get 4 balls.... in my 60 second time frame...It was however quite exhilarating... so you should try it if you could.. My youngest daughter on seeing these picture complained that it was not fair as she did not get a chance to get on a tire swing either... LOL 

Mr Jose Miguel Porraz Lando, Managing Director of Fonterra Brands Malaysia and Singapore said that Fonterra has always made it a priority to listen closely to consumers in order to meet their specific nutritional needs through the goodness of dairy...

These ladies here put me to shame as they nimbly danced to the beat of several different music despite their age and it is evident that they are good at what they do... 

What I would give to be able to dance so nimbly like this... but yeah, I am so gonna put my heart and soul into doing this...In a few years, I am sure I can do this too!!! So ladies and gentlemen, lets start moving or keep on on moving and grooving...

Sheila Majid, Malaysia's top darling diva is the spokesperson for Anlene and she made her entrance at her upbeat hit "Sinaran"... and oh gosh, does she look fabulous... She is now in her 50s, but she obviously walks the talk....

Sheila told us that she maintains a highly active lifestyle through good nutrition which is the key to her youthful appearance and good health. She does not let age slow her down, as she chooses to keep moving to slow down age......

And to prove it, the beautiful petite songstress recently embarked on an Asian tour to mark her 30 years in entertainment and confesses that Anlene is also an important part of her life in keeping her on the go..

So what are you waiting for, the new Anlene MoveMax is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide . I love the yogurt which comes in 4 yummy flavours... plain (which taste like Vanilla), mango, strawberry and mixed berries!!!

Make it a part of your daily diet as Anlene Movemax contains all the important nutrients your body needs.. such as Calcium, Collagen, Protein, as well as magnesium, zinc, vitamins B,C,D and E to help care for your bones, joints and muscles....


  1. This could be a good dairy to add in diet meal too! And it will also be a good presents for parents or grandparents! 😁

  2. Anlene is no longer just a milk but a lifestyle brand already. I have been a huge consumer since the beginning.

  3. Always have the perception that Anlene is for old people... LOL but i guess i'm getting old now too and need the nutrients they have in their products!

  4. Wow they have new flavors? i previously used to drink the chocolate one. taste very good.

  5. Oh I love their yogurt ! Cant stop eating hahaha

  6. Not a new brand for me. I drank this a lot. The yogurt is superb for my breakfast! Cool that they launch many new products.

  7. wah u are so active! I drank Anlene before but not now coz scared the milk taste

  8. I want to try the yogurt too to stay healthy. Reminds me on my work-out date.

  9. Anlene! Good for our calcium. Essential drink especially for the women =)

  10. I loved your opening lines. Yes, Anlene is a good brand. I also drink it sometimes.

  11. I don't know they have in yogurt too! I need to buy this for my mum to have calcium intake =D

  12. Anlene is indeed a good brand and much recommended for bones in a long run. This event is a good way to spread awareness.

  13. i have try their yogurt before ~very nice and i like it ~

  14. I like Anlene Yogurt.. Taste very nice..

  15. Move move move, with new Anlene MoveMax now, I can move even further now :)

  16. I've never try Anlene as I'm allergic with milky dairy product. But maybe need to give a try at least once on their yogurt.


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