May 5, 2016

RECIPE: NZ Mussels /Hake Steak cooked with local 3 flavours....

When I was at the New Zealand food connection event recently I was tasked with a blogger food bag challenge. However, unlike last year, this year our food bag was pretty scarce... with only Talley's New Zealand Green Shelled Mussels, a slice of Hake steak, small rack of Pure South New Zealand lamb and a couple of New Zealand Gala apples....

After much agonizing - and mind you I am such a so so chef only.... I decided to Malaysianized the seafood by cooking them with local 3 flavours or rather masak tiga rasa...

So here are the ingredients needed.... 
1lb of Talley New Zealand Green Shelled Mussels
1 pkt Hake Steak
1 Tomato

To be chopped :
10 pcs Kaffir Lime leaves
1 Torch Ginger Flower
1 large Onion
 (I like extra onions and garlic in my food)
3 cloves of Garlic
3 Birds Eye Chilli -smashed

To be blended together:
3 cloves of Garlic
1 large Onions
4 Birds Eye Chilli 
2 red Chilli
3 cm Ginger

After defrosting the Hake Steak, I put some tumeric powder and salt on it to season it....

Then gently put it into a non stick fry pan skin first and leave to fry for about 4-5 minutes.... before flipping it over... the fish should be kinda golden by then....Take the fish out and put it on the plate...

Rinse the mussels and peel it out from the shells... rinse it again so that there are no sand left...

Then stir fry it for about 3-4 minutes in the oil you used to fry the fish....Then take it out and put it in the same plate as the fish...

Put all the chopped ingredients into the pan....and make the sauce over slow fire....

2 table spoon Chilli paste/ Chilli Boh
2 tbs Tomato sauce
2 tbs Chilli sauce
2 tbs Plum sauce
A dash of Fish sauce
1 teaspoon sweet soya sauce
I tbs lime juice 
1 tbs Sugar

Then pour the whole sauce over the fish and mussels and serve.....with some fresh chopped tomatoes on top for freshness and flavour....

Bon Appetite... Happy trying.....Please adjust the Chilli sauce and Birds Eye Chilli if you cannot take too spicy.. I put a lot in as both my daughter and I love spicy food....

And that is my humble dish made from the blogger food bag....and for more info on the New Zealand Food Connection, check out:


  1. That sounds like a very lovely fusion. Mussels. My favourite.

  2. wow...that sounds like very tempting...i love mussels....

  3. Miera, I like your Malaysian style recipes. Will try to cook it out.

  4. The recipe ain't too hard to follow, will try make one since I like mussel as well :)

  5. Looks simple & Delicious! Don't think i've ever cooked mussels at home before because i always thought they were difficult to prepare

  6. I love the asian twist of masa 3 rasa. This dish is so good with rice.

  7. Thanks for the recipe Miera, the dish looks really good :) Will try it out on my end :)


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