May 4, 2016

Making it a wedding for everyone to remember....

Your wedding day is of course a celebration of the love between you and your husband-to-be, but that doesn't mean your ceremony and reception can't be a fun party. 

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a few basic elements you have to have: The ceremony where you and your beloved exchange vows, followed by some form of reception (whether that means a sit-down meal or simply cocktails and passed hors d'oeuvres). And while these basics do make up the event, you can transform these essential details to unforgettable elements of your big day as a whole.

With some thoughtfully planned details and fun activities for guests, your wedding celebration will be the party to end all parties, one they’ll remember long after the band has finished their last song....

Here are some ideas...

Venue..... nothing is more important then a lovely setting for that very special day of your life...
and many a woman would dream of a lovely and romantic beach wedding.... I know I wished I had that chance... but sadly it is gone.. perhaps I can plan for my god daughter to get married there... or perhaps even my own daughter / step daughter.... hehehe

Romantic Beach Wedding by Avillion Hotel Group Sdn Bhd - 002

Romantic Beach Wedding by Avillion Hotel Group Sdn Bhd - 004

or even THE FOUR SEASONS RESORT LANGKAWI for some of the dreamiest beach wedding you can ever imagine....

Ultimate Beach Wedding by FOUR SEASONS RESORT LANGKAWI - 040

Ultimate Beach Wedding by FOUR SEASONS RESORT LANGKAWI - 007

I was at my husband's friend's daughter wedding some months ago and they had a glorious photo wall of lovely engagement and pre wedding photos.... and there are just so many amazing photographers like THE WEDDING BARN

Picture/ photo booths which are such an in thing now... your guests can have one copy to take home as souvenirs and another stuck in your guest book with their well wishes to commemorate your special day...  Check out  PICCABOOTH here ...

Entertainment is important as well.... as some lousy entertainment can make a wedding pretty boring and draggy....

A good entertaining band will make a wedding even more unforgettable, especially if you are video recording the whole event...

For some good wedding entertainment, check out PERFECT PITCH ENTERTAINMENT

Wedding Live Band by Perfect Pitch Entertainment - 013

Wedding Live Band by Perfect Pitch Entertainment - 001

For some pretty party favours and trinkets to bring home which are different from the rest, you might like to check out MATCHA 5 who offers customized wedding gifts.....other then just the regular and kinda boring cakes and eggs...

Another hit with guests would be the Candy/ Dessert table.... most of the guests and especially those with kids can never resist a Candy/ Dessert table....

Check out these gorgeous Candy/ Dessert table from IN THE BRICKYARD

And these, my dearies, are just some of my ideas on how to make your wedding dinner party even more memorable for yourself and the people around can all be easily done as you can actually find all of these at none other then :


  1. Agree that choosing a venue is relatively important! A good wedding planner is in need to help to solve all kind of problems! :D

    1. Absolutely... either that or plan yourself using lah

    2. Absolutely... either that or plan yourself using lah

  2. venue is important as it serves as the backdrop for the photos. Not saying that bride and groom will look horrible in photos, but it serves as a good complement. lol!

  3. Great to have a theme in wedding. My brother is having wedding soon, can recommend to use this.

  4. Blogged about it last 2 weeks, it's really a good website =)

  5. Instead of wedding, can I do it for my anniversary too ? Looks like a great place for my honeymoon times.

  6. There are so many choices to make when we prepare a wedding! Until now I am quite clueless about what I want XD Go for church wedding!

  7. Wow, Planning for a wedding is quite tough and need to be creative ! Sometimes quite tired ..ahaha

  8. thank you for sharing this! It helps me a lot in my future wedding! Thanks again :D

  9. thanks for informative post!!! My brother getting marry soon!!This post can help him!!

    1. Hope it does.. if all fails check out

  10. Cantik sangat ni. Nasib baik dah kahwin dah. Hehehehe.

  11. Having a simple yet awesome wedding schedule is very important (for me la..^^""). Will share with my friends about this. ^.^

  12. Thank you for writing about us! :)

    Founder of

  13. This is an incredibly beautiful space to have a wedding reception. The space is a long hall with a few side rooms (perfect for dancing and hor d'oeuvres). The windows at the end of chicago wedding venues led to magnificently gorgeous panoramic views of the city.


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