May 18, 2016

Mom, check it out.....

After a a hectic day at work, most of us have to scramble to beat the rush hour traffic; hoping to get home in time to prepare dinner for the family. Along the journey home, we frantically try to remember if there is enough fresh food in the fridge, or if the vegetables and fruits are still fresh for consumption ....

Working mothers need to juggle between running an office and running a household. 

Won't it be heaven sent there was a solution that makes lives easier?  Samsung is now providing this simple solution for moms in the form of their two-door RT7000 Refrigerator with Twin Cooling PlusTM technology, giving mums the help they deserve. How?

The individual cooling systems for separate compartments does the magic. The Twin Cooling PlusTM technology is a system that allows the airflow to pass through each compartment independently, maintaining the freshness and moisture of market-bought produce, even days after they are purchased. Working mums no longer have to worry about fresh produce wilting before their time and resorting to frozen food or takeaways.

Plus a larger storage capacity that is able to store over a week’s worth of fresh produce; now all you need is a couple of hours during the weekend to stock up your fridge. This can save you from having to go to the market all the time and can be spent preparing nourishing meals and spending time with loved ones.

The individual evaporators can prevent a mixture of odours between the fridge and freezer, maintaining the natural flavour of the food. Never again would mothers need to deal with the smell of frozen seafood contaminating that decadent cake or juice she kept in the fridge compartment. No matter what you serve up now, the whole family can enjoy the original flavours and scents of that dish.

Isn't this your idea of a perfect fridge?? I know it sure is mine...... To find out more about this cool fridge, check out Samsung Malaysia’s Facebook page and just type ‪#‎momcheckitout to know more.

Starting at an affordable recommended retail price of RM1,699 to RM3,599, Samsung’s two-door RT7000 Refrigerator with Twin Cooling PlusTM technology is also part of Samsung’s Parent’s Day Promotion with exclusive prices, running until 7 June 2016....

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