May 4, 2016

Ranting off: Holier than thou people......

I cannot comprehend how some people can have that holier than thou attitude.. the pretense of like euuww... why do other people do this and do that but eventually they confess at doing it too...So what is the holier than thou attitude...People who are holier-than-thou ​think that they are ​morally ​better than anyone ​else.. in other words...they are moralistic, judgmental or even sanctimonious and most of the time they do think they are more superior then anyone else..

Recently, I was at a food review, and seeing there was a lot of left overs on the table, and being someone from a lower middle class family, having gone through a lot of hard time and hating to see food go to waste, I asked if we could have that bagged to be brought home... and there was this lady beside me who went like... "oooh... nak ta pau?? Macam so Melayu sangat... malunya...."  (meaning... "Oh , you are going to take them home? Isn't it like so Malay style and embarrassing...")

And guess what, when the packages came she quickly claimed and took the meats home with her... Hmm... I thought she just said that it was embarassing to take away the left overs ..

The problem here is that most of  these holier than thou or somewhat superior people have an inflated, unrealistic point of view of themselves. 

They love nothing better then to criticize other people's actions, and say they would never do such an immoral thing but then will fall short when their “morality” is tested. 

A holier than thou person always think that he or she will only do the right thing, but it doesn’t always work out that way. More often than not, they will react just like every other average person when in the same or similar circumstances. 

By pointing out the errors of someone else these people who are so self righteous are attempting to position themselves as better than others.  Normally, it is said that these people are those with low self esteem, who are unhappy in their lives and /or who are frustrated with where they are in life who are most susceptible to self-righteous indignation.  

By finding someone they believe to be less than or worse than themselves and condemning others, these self righteous people manage to feel some sort of superiority.  

As for me, myself, I try to live a simple and easy going life... I try to live like what is stated here... and I think most people should do the same... but I am not about to condemn or judge people if they do not.... huhuhu
But I guess sadly in most of us, we are all kinda guilty of having a little “holier than thou” tendency built into ourselves. 
It isn't that bad to think good of yourself and to have standards of behavior that are a little idealistic. But... do not try to impose your idealistic set of beliefs on others and then criticize them when they fail to meet them. 

Pictures are not mine... and are derived from and used for illustration  only..


  1. Totally agree. Unfortunately, I've been meeting a lot of self-righteous people lately, pisses me off!

    1. Sighh.. what to do they thing they are so great... sighh... I tak tahan because like I said.. I was at the food review and ask if I could 'ta pau' back for my daughter the spaghetti and this woman seem to snide me and say so shameful and embarrassing to be 'ta pau'ing but when the food came, she quickly took the meat for herself...

  2. Hmm do I know that person? hahaha.... well, don't let these kinda ppl screw our day, chill babe!


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