May 20, 2016

Getting inspired by flowers....

Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia and AmorePacific Malaysia I was among the first few to check out an amazing new beauty brand from Korea, Mamonde (french word for ‘My World’) at the Royale Chulan Damansara... and look who their spokes model is... none other then the gorgeous Park Shin-Hye (of The Heirs and Pinnochio fame)

Mamonde products will be fully imported from South Korea and they will reach Malaysian shores in August 2016 with the opening of its first beauty counter in Aeon Bandar Utama.

Mamonde is naturally one of the leading global premium cosmetic brand that offers a wide array of skincare, and makeup products to suit every woman’s daily needs. Price range of its products is expected to be between RM6 -RM169.

We were given a truly enjoyable and immersive brand experience as we were brought into the ‘World of Mamonde’.

 There was an introduction of the brand by Margaret Chin, AmorePacific Malaysia’s General Manager as well as the South Korean Brand Manager of Mamonde.

Mamonde’s skincare is the first of its kind in the cosmetics market as it uses only flowers as its key ingredient in the formulation for all its products. With the launch of Mamonde, AmorePacific Malaysia now have four brands under its company portfolio which includes Laneige, Sulwhasoo and Innisfree.


We were brought into 'Mamonde Garden', which was an exceptionally lovely experience that set almost all of us ‘wow’ing…. 

At the ‘garden’, we learned about the R&D of Mamonde which covers the 5 key flowers used in Mamonde formulation, flower science technologies and its floral properties.


Then we headed to Mamonde’s product experience area… Among Mamonde’s star products include The First Energy Essence/Serum, Cover Powder Cushion, Age Control Power Eye Cream, Moisture Ceramide Cream, Lotus Micro Cleansing Foam, Rose Water Toner and Floral Hydro Cream

Mamonde is “Inspired by Flowers” believes that the flower, a sign of beauty and a symbol of grace; is magical with its ability to speak to the soul in a way which words cannot express. The blossoming flower, its colours and pleasant scent emits a natural inherent vitality and surging energy that lifts the mood and comforts the heart. But there’s much more to this extraordinary plant.

AmorePacific Research Institute discovered the close relation between flowers and a woman’s beauty. Advanced research was then carried out on various flowers; from the root to its stem and petals to discover the amazing power and energy that the flowers possess. 

Findings reveal that flowers contain moisturising and skin-nourishing ingredients that not only provide nourishment to the skin but also moisturize and balance oil production to maintain a vibrant skin.

After years of research, the inception of a unique innovation and formulation that use floral extraction to re-invent beauty finally came to be… It was of course named Mamonde, a brand that inspires feminine beauty with flowers through its flower science technology.

Mamonde products are formulated with various types of flowers that possess the following properties:
Vitalizing -  The Honeysuckle and the Evening Primrose both have amazing vitalizing properties that help maintain healthy skin. The Honeysuckle is an absorbent plant with its ability to absorb nutrition from barren soil to deliver nutrients fast to vital parts of its plant. Similarly for the skin, the Honeysuckle delivers nutrients found in the flower to the skin for a smoother and firmer skin that is vitalised from within. The Evening Primrose contains high concentration of fatty acid and other nutrients that is essential to improve cell structure and skin elasticity.

Moisturizing & Hydrating - Mamonde uses Demask Rose (Rose Water), Hibiscus, Narcissus and Peach Blossoms in its hydrating and moisturising range. The Rose water is extracted with super-high pressure to preserve its amazing properties of soothing and moisturising the skin. The Hibiscus, Narcissus and Peach Blossom on the other hand, contain natural hydrators and ceramide that offers flawless hydration. The Narcissus offers excellent moisturising benefits of up to 24 hours.

Anti-aging -  The Camellia is a resilient plant that thrives in a wide range of weather conditions even through winter. Its resilience and other therapeutic properties help protect the skin from free radical damage and reduce the signs of aging for a youthful-looking skin

Cleansing & Exfoliation - The Lotus Flower has the ability to cleanse and purify while providing antioxidant protection. It contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids that help exfoliate the outer layer of the skin, allowing younger cells to rise to the surface of the skin to restore a youthful look.

 Brightening -  The Magnolia, an ancient type of flower which has been around for more than 100 million years, has numerous medicinal values. It also has an excellent effect in skin whitening and post-inflammatory pigmentation inhibition. The Water Lily is another plant with amazing benefits to the skin which include brightening the complexion as well as soothing irritated skin.

Pore Care & Oil Balancing - The Heartleaf Houttuynia and Sage are perfect for regulating sebum production and especially for the oily skin. Extracts of the Heartleaf Hottuynia also help tighten the pores that have enlarged and that have lost resilience. It offers instant contraction and it is also cooling to the skin.

After we have got to know some of the products in the Mamonde range which believe me, are pretty amazing in their own ways, fragrant and all inspired by flowers, we got to indulge in a 'Flower Beauty Art Class' that had us brainstorming at to what we could create with just a pencil, an art paper, scissors, UHU glue and colourful rose petals….

Our morning learning about Mamonde came to an end with a lovely lunch before we left the venue…


  1. Wow, this is so beautiful and photos look gorgeous.

  2. I can't wait to for the brand to come to Malaysia.

  3. the range is really good, wish to try all of it when it comes to Malaysia

  4. This brand is a new entrant? The range looks quite extensive and products look worth-trying.

    1. yes, it is brought to you by the same company that brings us Laneige, Innisfree and Sulwhasoo, so it's definitely worth it...

  5. butterfly project, such a great program and initiative from the community! awesome miera!

  6. is this a new brand? i never heard of this brand before. but it's great to have product inspired by flowers

    1. yes Fadzi.. it is a brand new brand from the same people who brought us Innisfree, Laneige and Sulwhasoo

  7. Omg I saw me in here. That face kelakarnya hahaha

  8. Omg I saw me in here. That face kelakarnya hahaha

  9. Arrangements that border on art. Always a carefully focused color palette. They purchase their flowers at market the same day, so your arrangements last quite a while. It was a wonderful Flowers Delivery experience I had with them.


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