May 23, 2016

On-The-Go Grooming and Pampering with Lip Hop

I am sure most of you would have seen the Lip Hop k-care Aqua Jelly Hair, Face & Body Gel Collection  at Guardian stores... It is hard to miss, since it comes in very attractive and vibrant colours. 

Did you know it is a very interesting and super convenient 8-in-1 multi-functional k-care innovation for head to toe, on-the-go grooming, skincare and pampering from Guardian. and I am so digging it now...

The packaging is as I mentioned, very colourful, vibrant and playful a with cheerful prints that can boost up your mood if you are feeling down, but it really helps in making your cleansing, caring and moisturising regime more fun, and less of a chore.

The Lip Hop Aqua Jelly Hair, Face & Body Gel Collection comes in four different variants 

I am so amazed by how beneficial it is to my beauty care!!!

Did you know you can use it in eight beneficial ways? You can use it as a moisturising gel or mask pack for dry facial skin. It can also be a make-up base for a luminous face. It acts as an after-shave gel for your face, legs and underarms to soothe and moisturise sensitive skin.

I learned that it can also be used as a hair treatment without any stickiness. It is definitely ideal as a mask pack to rehydrate skin after sun exposure. (I swear by this personally !!!!)  It help keeps your nails moisturised and nourished.  

And well.... for those of you working in air-conditioned environment, it is a wonderful moisturizer for anywhere and all over your body!!!!

 The  Lip Hop Aqua Jelly can even relax the area around your eyes by if you apply it on a piece of cotton before putting it over your eye area and.... it can act as a lip moisturiser to sooth and chapped lips.

How amazing is this product!!!!

The secret is the high moisturise content of the water-based formulation that is enriched with nourishing botanical extracts.

Lip Hop also has their k:skin facial skin care range, Lip Hop HAPPYCLEANSE that is made in Korea. k:skin and k:care are the skincare trends that are sweeping Korea, featuring skin care that cleanses and moisturises without drying.

There are five variants to meet different skin needs, while cleansing your delicate skin.These facial cleansers are dermatologically tested and proven to provide the ultimate care for your delicate skin to uplift the confidence in you. 

The Lip Hop HAPPYCLEANSE and Lip Hop Aqua Jelly Face & Body Gel are a hit among young and young-at-heart consumers who need all-in-one products that they can use on-the-go in our increasingly busy lives. 

These products are effective and easy to use that will help women (and even men) feel more beautiful, confident and give them a mood boost as well thanks to the adorable packaging. They are very on-trend as they have the Korean aesthetic and efficacy!

Lip Hop Aqua Jelly Aloe Moist, RM 19.90
Dip into a pool of moisturising, soothing and anti-oxidant benefits with Lip Hop Aqua Jelly Aloe Moist that is enriched with aloe vera and other natural extract; the miracle plant for your beauty regime. It surprises you with the pleasure, spirit and energy of K-Care to give your hair, face, hands & body a refreshing sensation.

Lip Hop Aqua Jelly Bamboo Soothe, RM 19.90
Bamboo extract soothes the skin and keeps it healthy when applied.  It promotes healthier hair as it plays a vital role in removing the build-up of pollutants, body oils and chemicals on the hair, restoring  natural shine and luster. Lip Hop Aqua Jelly Bamboo Soothe is all you need for the remarkable mentioned benefits. This variant is also enriched with honey, blueberry, Portulaca Oleracea and witch hazel extracts for more nourishing and soothing experience.

Lip Hop Aqua Jelly Ice Plant Water Cool, RM 19.90
Relieve yourself from the scorching sun with Lip Hop Aqua Jelly Ice Plant Water Cool. This variant leverages the benefits of ice plant that its extract is used to repair damage done by sun exposureOther moisturising and soothing extracts used in this variant are white lotus and witch hazel.

Lip Hop Aqua Jelly Dragon Blood Fresh, RM 19.90
Let the benefits of dragon blood flow through you with Lip Hop Aqua Jelly Dragon Blood Fresh. Dragon blood’s sap is rich in anti-oxidant phenols to heal the wounds. This variant also is enriched with Morus Alba bark extract that improve the appearance of skin. (I just love the name don't you... sound so blood curdling and exotic all at the same time... LOL)

my picture shows only four variants because my daughter took one already since she fell in love with it...

Lip Hop HAPPYCLEANSE Moisturising Manuka Honey Cleaning Gel, RM 12.90

Manuka honey is more than your average honey as it also acts as a skin cleanser. Let the bees envy your radiant skin with Lip Hop HAPPYCLEANSE Moisturising Manuka Honey Cleaning Gel. This cleaning gel is enriched with lotus flower extract that enhances brightening benefit to leave your skin radiant and bright. Meanwhile, its Portulaca Oleracea extract delivers antioxidant benefits for your skin to regain its youthful glow after use.

Lip Hop HAPPYCLEANSE Ultra-Soothing Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel, RM 12.90
Aloe vera requires no introduction with its benefits to our skin. Aloe vera has been a household choice. Now you can seize the benefits of this plant with Lip Hop HAPPYCLEANSE Ultra-Soothing Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel. This cleansing gel cleanses and soothes skin with 200X concentrated aloe vera extracts for more hydration and calming on your skin.  Specially formulated with Soapwort Water, this variant is set to protect tired skin from environmental factors, leaving your skin moist and refresh after use.

Lip Hop HAPPYCLEANSE Antioxidant Green Tea Foam Cleanser, RM 12.90
Green tea extracts have been well-documented for itsproperties on our skin. Lip Hop HAPPYCLEANSE Antioxidant Green Tea Foam Cleanser
features a special combination of botanical extracts that contain Green Tea, Lavender and Rosemary. Dermatologically tested and proven, this foam cleanser soothes skin and also provides an antioxidant boost to fight against free radical to restore healthier skin.

Lip Hop HAPPYCLEANSE Sebum-Control Amazon Clay Foam Cleanser, RM 12.90
Clay is not just for making decorative pottery but it is nourishing and totally skin-loving.  Go crazy with Amazon Clay variant in Lip Hop HAPPYCLEANSE series as it draws out excess oil from pores and effectively controls sebum for healthy skin glow. The sebum control foam cleanser is specially formulated with Korean Botani Seed Complex to improve skin moisture and Pro-Soother that helps soothe skin. Lip Hop HAPPYCLEANSE Sebum-Control Amazon Clay Foam Cleanser leaves a healthy-skin without drying it out after use.

Lip Hop HAPPYCLEANSE Deep-Cleansing Bamboo Charcoal Foam Cleanser, RM 12.90
Apart from being perfect tool for your barbecue, charcoal also acts as a beauty agent for your skin. With its significantly porous in nature, charcoal has been a perfect choice to draw impurities away from the skin. Remove impurities on your skin with Lip Hop HAPPYCLEANSE Deep-Cleansing Bamboo Charcoal Foam Cleanser that thoroughly cleanses skin and draws out deep impurities from pores as well as removes dirts and excessive sebum. This foam cleanser is enriched with Vitamin E to moisturise and soothe your delicate skin. Formulated with botanical extracts, this variant leaves your skin to be clear and purified with a touch of moisture after use.

Formulated and made in Korea, the Lip Hop Aqua Jelly Hair, Face & Body Gel and HAPPYCLEANSE Collections use botanical extracts to suit different skin types. All Lip Hop products are dermatologically tested and proven to help you maintain your skin’s youthful radiance and dewiness.

I used the Lip Hop Aqua Jelly Hair, Face & Body Gel and I found it very refreshing on the skin, especially now because of the equinox and the extreme heat we are undergoing, people with sensitive skin like mine tend to get burn faster and with the  Lip Hop Aqua Jelly Hair, Face & Body Gel , my skin feels just so cool, relieved and dewy...

My youngest daughter enjoyed using it too... she said it smells so fresh...

I also loved the Lip Hop HAPPYCLEANSE Ultra-Soothing Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel which was just great at cleansing my face from dust, grime and sweat... and leaves me with a clean and refreshed skin...

I am running a giveaway contest. This will run for a week until 31st May and winners will be announced on the following week... so who wants to win themselves a set of these amazing products worth RM280?

I will be choosing 3 lucky winners!! 
(Note : this contest is only to all Malaysians)

All you have to do is name me two of the eight benefits of Lip Hop Aqua Jelly Hair, Face & Body Gel Collection...just comment the answer below with your name, and email....

For your info, these gorgeous and amazing products are available in all Guardian Healthy & Beauty outlets, so go get them!!!


  1. 1) moisturising gel 2) Hair treatment without the stickiness Name: Leona Lim Email:

  2. 1. soothing
    2. moisturising

    Name : Chency Ccy
    Email :

  3. 1) Regenerating new skins
    2) Smooth

    Name : Reload Food
    Email :

  4. 1. protecting sensitive skin from getting sun burn
    2. refreshing and cooling

    Name: Qian

  5. wow, the packaging so cool!

    1. more hydration and calming on your skin.
    2. moisturising

    email :
    Name : Iday

  6. Cooling and moisturising!
    Looks like a super fun product with the bright vibrant colours

  7. 1. soothing
    2. moisturising

    Name : Fish
    Email :

  8. 1. moisturising, soothing
    2. anti-oxidant
    Name : Bowie
    Email :

  9. 1. lip moisturiser to sooth and chapped lips
    2. repair damage done by sun exposure

    Name: Fadzi Razak

  10. Wahh wahh, I wanna join this giveaway!

    1. mask pack for dry facial skin
    2. make-up base for a luminous face

    Name: Jacqueline Khoo

  11. 1.Keeps your nails moisturised and nourished.
    2.Acts as an after-shave gel for your face, legs and underarms to soothe and moisturise sensitive skin.
    Name: Alexis Ong

  12. 1) used as moisturising gel
    2) apply to relax eye area

    Name: Emily Lowe
    Email: emily2u[@]

  13. Hoho 3 in 1. X pernah try lagi. Interestinglah laling. Kena cuba ni. Tq dear

  14. indeed it's lovely range of products from Lip Hop. Love them too

  15. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  16. Love the packaging and the price is so reasonable!

  17. I love the Aqua Jelly Dragon Blood Fresh its so soothing.

  18. The packaging is too cute Miera dear. Love the moisturizing manuka honey one especially <3

  19. very new to know this lip hop. must give a try later.


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