Aug 30, 2016

DASHING ADVENTURER for the modern dashing men....

Nothing turns me off more then a man who smells and reek of body odor... Being a human woman, my eyes get attracted by the many good looking dudes out there... ya, ya, before you start to preach, I (sedar diri) know I am already nearly middle age and I maybe married but, heck, I am not blind or dead ok, and I still love some eye candy whenever I see them... hahahaha

Geek & Sundry reaction and fly dragons

But... no matter how good looking that guy may be, if he has a body odor, I will certainly avoid him at all cost... do not put me in the same room with this kind of guys!!!!

A man is naturally adventurous, resourceful as well as inquisitive. These are supposed to be inborn with any man. A true man will continuously seek for ways to keep that adrenaline rush flowing, and face down all challenges with perseverance, strength and absolute courage...and of course, still be versatile...

Deodorant Spray 150ml , available in 3 variants, BOLD 2.0, EDGE 2.0 and PURE ENERGY retails at RM18.90 inclusive of GST

DASHING is well known as being a quality product with long lasting fragrance that allows young, modern men express themselves and exude heir confidence at both an affordable and accessible price, so no more excuse saying that it's too expensive to buy an EDT or EDP or so on....

Deodorant Roll-Ons 40ml , available in 3 variants, BOLD 2.0, EDGE 2.0 and PURE ENERGY retails at RM6.50 inclusive of GST

DASHING relaunched their ADVENTURER collection of EDT's, Deodorants and Roll-On fragrances, formulated to last longer and provide freshness throughout the day for active men...

You can choose from 2 variants, BOLD 2.0 and EDGE 2.0

EDT 100ml , available in 3 variants, BOLD 2.0, EDGE 2.0 and PURE ENERGY retails at RM34.50 inclusive of GST

BOLD 2.0 is an aquatic scent with a fresh, crisp and enticing fragrance.. You will discover layers of fresh green accord with earthly notes of patchouli evoking the mild, evocative scents of freshness with just a hint of moss for a profound masculine touch.....

BOLD 2.0 certainly suits young men who seek ceaseless adventures in the lives.

On the other hand, EDGE 2.0 is created with layers of fresh citron, lemon rind and lemon leaves that seamlessly mingle with the mild scents of geranium and greens. You can find a hint of cedar wood that adds the woody undertones to the fragrance. Then there is a pinch of amber that creates the perfect blend with a blissful breeze of sandalwood and moss...ideal for your man's freshness

Image result for dashing adventurer EDGE 2.0

EDGE 2.0 is the epitome of men in their youth who are eager to discover uncharted territories. EDGE 2.0 will keep them fresh all the time to reset their mood as well as elevate their energy levels to a new high and enable them to take charge of their day....

What makes DASHING ADVENTURER different is that they introduce a breakthrough innovation by being the first NO GAS deodorant spray in Malaysia.

This NO GAS deodorant spray contains compact pure deodorant liquid that can provide up to 750 sprays per can and one of this canister can last you up to two months of usage... this would be considered great cost saving, unlike the conventional deodorant spray that just last about 3 weeks...

Wow!!! He looks as good as he smell!!! He must be using DASHING!!

You will love the new DASHING ADVENTURER packaging which comes in a variety of vibrant colours you cannot miss.

Get yours now at pharmacies, hypermarkets or supermarkets near you...


  1. i tried this product, and i love it :D

  2. A good perfume is not so easy to choose, especially if you want to get acquainted with a girl. Earlier I did not really understand this question and how to choose perfume. But not so long ago I found this site and now I order them only there. Thnaks a lot for the tips.


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