Aug 19, 2016

Gorgeous Dried Lavender bunches from Pegasus Florist

Flowers... when I think of flowers it makes me happy... it is one of the things a woman will love. Which woman do not like receiving flowers? I am sure most women love receiving flowers or seeing flowers.. unless they have some allergy....

I know nothing delights me more then receiving a bunch of flowers from a secret admirer, my children, my hubby or so.... I would enjoy them and even rarely throw them out even when they have withered and dry and keep them in a corner of my room

Pegasus Florist is an online revolutionary florist that specializes in supplying naturally dried lavender. Their products range from lavender bunch, bouquet, arrangement, to handmade accessories, lavender bridal series and so on…

Naturally dried lavender is relatively very new in Malaysia. The lavender is naturally dried and contains no artificial fragrance. The natural lavender aroma can last up to 1 year. It is, however, not meant for consumption.

I read somewhere that lavender flowers is said to be of refinement and royalty!  I believe it actually is because it is definitely so pretty and its aroma is just so graceful, elegant and feminine, don’t you agree???

The lavender bunch from Pegasus Florist here  is naturally dried & there is totally no artificial fragrance or additives added. The scent is natural and mild, unlike the intense artificial fragrance that may cause discomfort such as dizziness & nausea to certain users.

I got a lovely bunch from Pegasus Florist which came wrapped in brown paper and in a clear plastic box... 

I opened the box, took out the flower bunch and got a small organza pouch (the one you can get from Malay weddings etc) and poured all the loose lavender flowers in to it....There is quite a bit of loose flowers, so remember to get a small pouch ready to store it, or a small container, as you do not want to waste this precious fragrant flowers....

When you lavender does not smell as sweet as you want it to, just gently pinch the buds with your fingers & you will smell the refreshing lavender scent again or well, just give the pouch you are keeping your lavender flowers in a little squeeze and the scent will be just as fresh and sweet as it is. Pinch/ squeeze more if you prefer a stronger scent

Lavender is great for purifying the air, promoting relaxation, improving sleep quality and also boosting memory, so putting some lavender in the bedroom is a great idea… I leave mine in an old plastic cup by the bedside…..

And oh…. Did you know lavender is also a great insect repellent. Put bunches of it in your window sills and hang bunches of it near your doors to keep insects out. Put some under your doormat, too. Also works in your car. Put some under the seats and in the trunk. Just simply tie a piece of string around 10 or so stems and leave them under the seat of your car (I did this and my old junk of a car smells heavenly)

So don’t you think you and your loved ones deserve an awesome floral product like this that is creatively wonderful and just so beneficial to have around without burning a hole in your pocket?? Check out Pegasus Florist now…


  1. Oh my, it looks lovely! They'd make a great gift too

  2. I love dried lavender! It smells great too!!

  3. Do you know that the scent of lavenders deters mosquitos.
    I tried eucalyptus, lemon grass and even burning the green round thing... nothing worked.
    I put a lavender fragrance gel beside my office staircase and no more mosquitos.

  4. Dry lavender, is amazing i used to have it in my house, it doesn't just looks lovely is also very soothing.

  5. Lavender, one of my favorite flowers, now I know where to buy online :)

  6. I like the lavender flower fragrance, thanks for sharing this great info

  7. call me sucker of flowers! This dried flowers look great. will buy soon

  8. These are really gorgeous well dried lavender bunches that we all want to have. My wife loves flowers, that's why I make sure that whenever I have the chance I buy her some tulips. Flowers are like grabmyessay review they light up a gloomy day and keeps up inspired all the time.

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