Aug 3, 2016

Review: Panaz Slimming Pants.....

 Many people who live in the city are so busy nowadays working and when they get home, all they want to do is unwind, watch a movie, laze on the couch or just go to sleep. People nowadays tend to spent lesser time in exercise and keeping a healthy life and this would be one of the reasons Malaysians are getting fatter and more obese. It is scary but many of us just do not realize it...

Personally, on my part, I am not able to really exercise much as I suffer from stress incontinence...and thus making it kinda hard to really jump around, run around too much and so on...

The only thing I can do is do brisk walking..., my favorite kinda exercise.... or laze around. And being in my 40s now, my metabolism is also failing me thus I put on weight more easily then I can take it off... 

So when I learn about Panaz® Slimming Pants, I was really excited to try them on.... 

I got a pair of these pants... Panaz® Slimming Pants helps us by burning extra body calories through sweat, and all we have to do is just wear it anytime, anywhere, to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

The name Panaz® is taken from local language (Bahasa Malaysia) “ PANAS “ that means hot. 

This awesome Panaz® slimming pants is designed for lazy people like me/ and those who do not work out so much to help us sweat more, so that we can burn more body calories during daily activities like watching TV, walking around, exercise and so on anytime or anywhere...

I thought wearing this might be uncomfortable and yes,it was a little uncomfortable when I had to struggle to put it on, just like how you would struggle into a girdle or corset, or anything tight.. Hey, if it is loose and comfortable, it would totally defy the purpose of slimming down right?? So yes, the pants is meant to be tight and slightly confining but after wearing it for a few minutes, you won't even notice it is uncomfortable or tight anymore... The inner materials absorb the sweat to keep you comfortable and I seriously did not even realize I was sweating.  

The material actually reminds me of the scuba diving suit material.....

I was really comfortable wearing it for the 4-5 hours doing my chores around the house and even going for a walk around the neighbourhood...The pants comes with pocket design and suitable for all kind of activities 

Panaz® slimming pants has so far helped thousands and thousands clients to achieved their ideal weight, slim down and fat loss results with a natural and healthy way. There are totally no side effects other then the elastic marks on your waist and maybe calves... and I really love it..

It is recommended to wear the Panaz® Slimming Pants for about 3-5 hours every day for better results and yes, you can be like me and wear it while taking a nap or when you go to bed also!!! It is comfortable once you have squeezed your fat ass (mine actually)  into it..

They have plenty of sizes available from S – 4XL (available in big size)  To keep track on your weight loss, you should take your waist & hips measurement every 2 weeks to check the results. 

I also wore the pants for the Charity Fun Walk I joined recently and it was really comfortable with a super stretchable material, ideal to Malaysia's humid weather. I only realized I was sweating when I got home, took off the pants and felt the sheen of sweat where the material covered...

           And so there, I have shared my amazing discovery... I would say this is a great pair of pants every woman who wants to lose weight or burn calories should have... 

The Panaz Long Pants I am wearing retails at just about RM149 but it is of course, a great investment if you think about what it can do for you....

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  1. Such an informative press conference. And i find everything well organized.

  2. Hi, did the pants help you to slim down thighs?

  3. how's the result? did it slim down your thighs and claves?

  4. My god! These slimming pants are lovely. I also want to buy the same running bare but in brighter colors. Really bored of black and blue basics. Inner material should be comfortable and also water resistant. Because of extreme irritation during sweats. Also will buy tops and sleeveless jackets for a cool look.

  5. I am impressed. I don't think Ive met anyone who knows as much about this subject as you do. You are truly well informed and very intelligent. You wrote something that people could understand and made the subject intriguing for everyone. Really, great blog you have got here. Sweat Belt

  6. can u advice how to pick the perfect size.

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