Aug 23, 2016

Desirable and Inspiring fragrances you really should check out

The story of Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor and Dr Halina Mohd Yunos has been an inspiring and romantic story many Malaysians adore…  Afterall, the couple have been sweethearts for about eight years, before finally tying the knot.... a few years later, two beautiful daughters joined their beautiful family.. they were called Sophea Natasha and Sophea Isabella… And this did not stop the couple from continue blazing their own paths with a strings of accomplishments to their name and yet remaining steadfast and as loving as ever to each other….

The connection of these two hearts, coupled with their individual characteristics and style, inspired the creation of #InspireDrSheikh and #DesireDrHalina perfumes. Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor prefers a woody and musky fragrance, with his strong inspiring persona Inspire came to be…... His lovely wife, Dr Halina Mohd Yunos is someone who comes across soft and bubbly, and she loves flowery and apple scents, and that was how Desire came about.

INSPIRE by Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar is a fragrance that embodies boldness and masculinity for the modern man, capturing the ultimate style. It has a musky, woody cinnamon, clove and ember scent that celebrates masculinity, inspires self-confidence and intellect. It comes in a little grey square bottle with a black cap. This long-lasting fragrance will ensures you or your other half (if you are a lady) are being celebrated on a daily basis.

I would not know what to compare it to… as I do not quite use men’s fragrance, but personally, I do like the scent as it does not come across too overpowering or cloying like some men’s fragrance tend to do.. I find it very pleasing to my senses… hahahah.. and yes, my hubby has this now in his collection and I love it when he wears it….

DESIRE by Dr. Halina on the other hand empowers women to embrace these inherent aspects. With apple scented notes and a sophisticated composition of exotic flowers and sensual woods, it is pretty refreshing and will resonate with the modern day woman. DESIRE comes in a pretty little pink square bottle with a darker pink cap.

 It reminds me a bit of DKNY as well as NINA by Nina Ricci, as I love these fragrances loads but it is also different in its own unique way and way more affordable… so yes, I love it!!!

What makes DESIRE stand out from other fragrances is that it is formulated with an exclusive Apple Fusion Complex and skin-loving nutrients, thus making it the first of its kind with skin beautifying benefits, truly empowering women from within.

These fragrances are also very affordable at RM 49.90 (WM) and RM 54.00 (EM) per bottle of 30ml


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  1. I have attended the launching of the perfume Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor and Dr Halina Mohd Yunos very handsome and pretty, the perfume is affordable and i like the smell

  2. Nice perfume.. Great one.. Lovely... Wonder how it smells..

  3. can feel the scent is my favourite type too!! i like fruity n sweet note too!

  4. How interesting that there's a background story to the perfume :) Very affordable too

  5. Many hearts were broken when they got married. Now they have sealed their love further with perfumes. Sigh, how envious!!

  6. Botanical fragrances comprise of vast assortment of blooms,the merchant of venice for example, roses, jasmine, lily of the valley and numerous others.


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