Aug 20, 2016

Amazing longer eyelashes naturally with REALASH

Close friends and family members would know one of my own pet peeves about my own body would be my very short eyelashes. I am often envious of other people’s long lovely lashes, even my own daughters whereas I have seriously stunted eyelashes.

However, I really dislike wearing fake eyelashes as they feel like I have spiders on my eyes…hahahah…. When I tried them on. So I make do with lengthening mascara…

I was however one of the fortunate ones who got to try out the newly improved Realash eyelash enhancer and I can only say one word… WOW!!

Ok, admittedly, I took a really long time in doing this review, (read my first post here) as I had to delay usage of this product because of eye problem, but please take note that my eye problem was because of some family eye infection where my daughter go it first then I got it… It made my eyes red, and watery, but it has NOTHING to do with REALASH as I did not use it then… and I could not use my contact lenses too…

I had to let my eye recover before I finally got to try out REALASH, two weeks and counting, I checked my eyelashes and well… WOW…. There was a difference… look…

 I do not have to just wax lyrical over it but you can see the difference here as well..

 REALASH advanced formula helps accelerate natural lash growth and strengthen them at the roots so they become long and strong. REALASH formula also prevents them from falling out. To make the most of the enhancer use it once a day after removing your makeup for the night. Apply it on the upper eyelid at the roots of your lashes. Thanks to special formula and easy-to-use applicator brush the 3ml serum is enough for 4-5 month treatment. The application is very easy – one stroke of the brush is enough to enjoy beautiful lashes!

REALASH contains active ingredients that help stimulate lash growth, prevent lash fall and can make them fuller. To ensure complete safety, the formula has been enriched with natural flax and marigold extracts. Additionally, horsetail extract purifies your skin, keeping it firm and toned. Calamus extract is anti-inflammatory. All these substances care for the delicate and sensitive skin around your eyes.
The formula is improved to reduce irritation and is suitable for sensitive and allergy prone skin.
REALASH’s mint theme is simply a representation of the REALASH branding. However, do note there is NO mint or menthol ingredient in the serum. There has been some misunderstanding on the matter but it is just a result of translation errors in communication materials that originated from Europe.

So how to use, leh????

All you have to do is just apply the Eyelash Enhancer on your upper eyelid once a day, after you have shower or cleaned your makeup and just before you go to sleep….easy peasy and wait for gorgeous, stronger and more beautiful eyelashes...

I would definitely rate them a 4.5 over 5 and yes, I will be continuing using it as I need to keep my eyelashes nice, long and strong...

To know more, Do check out:
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  1. The product seem good as can see the visible result. Your eyelash getting longer.

  2. Seem it brings good result! I would love to try this. =D

  3. Adik nak guna jugak....huhuhuhu...nak lebatkan lagi...

  4. quite noticeable results from the before and after babe! i love this product as well but can get quite lazy applying it every night

  5. Wow, can see your eyelashes different in the photos! I might use it to strengthen my eyelashes as already long enough, later reach my spectacles. ��

  6. Wow.. Looks good.. Great amazing effect!

  7. it seems this product can help growing eyelashes in a respectable way


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