Aug 15, 2016

Top Athletes Muhamad Heidy and Shahrom Abdullah gets USANA Malaysia sponsorship

Yours truly was at USANA Malaysia HQ recently to witness the official signing ceremony for USANA Malaysia's Athletic Sponsorship. Being an athlete is not easy, as athletes put their heart and soul into working hard, training hard, pushing their own boundaries and striving to break records.

USANA, on the other hand, is a trusted nutritional supplement that complies with the highest standards of the nutritional supplement industry. USANA has a team of over 60 scientists, chemists and microbiologists around the world that test the product ingredients starting from raw materials, microbiological,  contamination, potency and physical to ensure what's on the label is in the product....

The event started with an opening speech by Ms Carolyn Nur Amira Lee, the Regional GM for USANA Malaysia and Singapore....

There were many of USANA Malaysia distributors present as well to witness the official signing ceremony and personally meet the two newly sponsored athletes...

The first sponsored athlete was Shahrom Abdullah whose discipline covers duathlon, triathlon, running, mountain biking, adventure sports and exploring with his impressive milestones being:
*debuted in Malakoff Malaysian Duathlon Series and finished second
*the first Malaysian to qualify for the Powerman World Championship finals in Switzerland
*the first Malaysian to ski to the South Pole

And according to him, he is in training to go ski in the North Pole in 2017!!!

Muhamad Heidy Mohd Yusoff, on the other hand is a top notch dodgeball player whose achievements include:
*being the founder, captain and coach of the Immortals Dodgeball 2014 - present
*1st Runner Up for Asean Dodgeball Championship 2015
*Rank Number 2 in Dodgeball World Cup 2016 in Manchester

Mr Ng Keng Hean, Executive Vice President of South Asia USANA said, " USANA is active in sponsoring athletes who rely on USANA supplements to keep them in top shape and help them be in the circle of world-class athletes and elite champions who entrust their health to USANA products."

For Heidy and Shahrom, each of their sponsorship is worth more than RM100,000 which includes supplements sponsorship and networking with the USANA athlete community for at least a year....

Other USANA global ambassadors include WTA players such as Caroline Wozniacki, two time gold medalist for hockey Meaghan Mikkelson, and five time world boxing champion Timothy Bradley Jr who are all drawn to USANA's unrivaled nutritional supplements... 

This was followed by a little basic lesson as to how to swing a dodgeball on Muhamad Heidy's side....

.. and the right way to ride a bicycle when you are racing... and oh gosh... the bicycle is just soooo light......and yes, it cost a bomb too.. Shahrom says it cost as much as a MYVI.... hehehe

There have been over 1,000 elite athletes around the world who rely on USANA products to maintain their health. USANA Health Sciences was founded back in 1992 and is a US based nutritional company that manufactures high quality supplements, personal carem healthy products in its FDA facility in Salt Lake City.

Learn more about USANA at   or

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