Aug 16, 2016

Korea Krazy Karnival at Sg Wang Plaza

Lately Hallyu (Korean Wave) is now increasing in its popularity here in Malaysia, since the existence of K-Pop and K-Drama in Malaysia… Personally I am more of a K-Drama fan, but I have to say I love many things about Korea also… including the country, food and culture..  so much I am praying I might get a Korean son in law… eheemmmm….hehehe…  I am too old and married so I can’t find me a Korean man, so hoping for a Korean son in law is possible…ahahahah

So, anyway, Sungei Wang Plaza recently brought a K-experience for shoppers – the Korea Krazy Karnival which had been held from the 29th July to the 14th of August 2016.…

For this, the Get K-RAZY K-POP Dance Cover Competition was held for the 2nd time . It sure was exciting watching dancers competing for the champion title. 

I think the highlight that got the dancers excited and also super nervous was when K-Pop Group Roadboyz were among the judges for the dance cover competition

Nevertheless, many teams there showed great promise of being an amazing dance team while a few were quite amusing....

When the Dance Cover Competition was over with deserving teams winning the competition, fans of K-Pop were then given the treat of watching Roadboyz’s first showcase in Malaysia.

Roadboyz consists of 5 members, Myo Ha, Hwan, Maca, Ha Neul and Zbell mesmerized and thrilled fans as they dance and sang some of their songs including their hit song “Shake it, Shake it” and the “Show me Bang, Bang”

Some of the fans and dance cover competitors get a quick dance lesson with Roadboyz

Besides that, there was also a “Kan You Speak Korean?” class workshop where participants got to learn Korean language from an experienced Korean instructor

While you are engrossed with all things Korean, naturally you must not miss the chance to indulge in some Spicy Kalguksu or the Kalguksu, a Korean Knife noodle which is served at CocoZ.Kr, a Korean integrated lifestyle concept store. They certainly have among the best kimchi in Malaysia, in my opinion…. I cannot resist the Kalguksu and their Strawberry Bingsu….

Of course, there were many favorite snacks and Korean products being offered up at the KMT Korean Fair from Shin Ramyun, Pepero and so on…

It was definitely a wonderful experience where shoppers got to experience a bit about Korea…. and people who have been to Korea, like yours truly are reminded of as well….

So be sure to check out Sungei Wang Plaza’s website: as well as their facebook page at :  for all kinds of everything


  1. Untunglah Miera!! Next time Ada BIGBANG bagitau hehehehe... Seen many times, haven't got a chance to try yet, I guess it's good? :D

    1. definitely good... if you like Kalguksu... and the best kimchi in Malaysia

  2. Yo babe I want 8 want I want to go!!!! 😍😍 Korean is my favorite

  3. One of the reasons I like K-Pop music videos if for their dance move, very awesome leh :)

  4. wow!!I love korean style!!!I wish to go!

  5. Wow !! You must be very enjoy ~ I wish i'm there too but i'm sick that time..huhu


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