Oct 31, 2016

#1Malaysia #MyPerpaduan jersey by Abstrax

In life, there is nothing more important then respect. Many people would think respect should be given to elders, but not all elderly people deserve respect when they behave and treat others badly.. 

But still, personally, I would say that we have to respect everything around us... not just people, but even animals, and places... Think about it... Too many people forget all about this...and it is sad when this happens...

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But when you live in a country with diversified cultures, it is also very important to respect each other's value of life,  race and religion, be it Malays, Chinese, Indians and other people....

It was with that in mind, that Abstrax, a local popular brandname, was founded in 2008 initiated by a passionate artist on the art design of Fahmi Fabilah with the ideas and philosophy of Dr. Faiz Izwan Anuar 

Recently, Abstrax announced its newest addition to the collection of 2016 jersey, themed #1Malaysia and #MyPerpaduan .

Yours truly had heard so much about it and wanted one of these jerseys after seeing friends sporting it with style... and so finally the other day when I was in Shah Alam, I manage to stop by the boutique and I was duly impressed by the magnificent 3 story boutique.... 

However with time constraint as we had to rush for something else, I only manage to check out the ground floor and well, my target had been locked on that #1Malaysia #MyPerpaduan shirt... so hardly anything else mattered then... LOL

Abstrax has a good slogan/ philosophy: 'Never Afraid' . This reminds us that  we should never be afraid but be proud to tell the world that we, the 1Malaysia generation, is a generation that condemns extremism and celebrates unity in diversity.

With the  #MYPerpaduan campaign, Abstrax hopes that we Malaysian will be reminded to stand tall and live in harmony and  by wearing the #1Malaysia jersey, we Malaysians can be proud of being a Malaysian 

#MYPerpaduan jersey is a collaboration between 1Malaysia.com.my and ABSTRAX.

Dr. Faiz I. Anuar says, "This jersey collection is hoped to unite Malaysia at large. It was designed with the idea of our Malaysian identity, incorporating the 8 1Malaysia values, on an improved jersey material and quality." 

The material of the #1Malaysia #MyPerpaduan jersey is lightweight and comfortable, ideal to be worn for any season, anywhere.

And what I like a lot about this jersey is also, it has a secret....Take a close look at the design on the back of the jersey and you will find 8 1Malaysia values written on the V shaped  which reads - Budaya Kecemerlangan (Culture of Excellence), Ketabahan (Perseverance), Kerendahan diri  (Humility), Penermaan (Exceptance), Kesetiaan (Loyalty), Meritokrasi (Meritocracy), Pendidikan (Education) and Integriti (Integrity).

The response from ABSTRAX followers on social media is quite massive, with thousand of likes, hundreds of comments and share within a short period of time following its visual release, shown and worn by the brand ambassador, local actor Beto Kusyairi.

Abstrax #MYPerpaduan jersey is available at ABSTRAX HEADQUARTERS in Shah Alam, Bangsar and Bangi at a recommended retail price of RM100 (long sleeve), RM90 (short sleeve) while for children is RM70.

And did you know with every purchase of an ABSTRAX jersey you will get a certificate of authenticity also!!!

And well, if you are the type that loves personalized items, you can have your name custom printed on the jersey for an additional RM25.

You can also get interesting designed caps, waist pouches and bags and other items here...

For more details, check out :

Like Abstraxjingga facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/abstraxjingga.

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