Oct 28, 2016

SEND Launches Delivery App with Jorge Lorenzo

SEND, the newest on-demand delivery platform, has officially launched their online application that aims to fundamentally improve delivery of items with less hassle of time. 

SEND also announced Jorge Lorenzo, the 3 times MotoGP World Champion, as their business partner and Global Brand Ambassador of SEND.

The new on-demand delivery platform was started by a young Malaysian entrepreneur, Dato’ TP Chin, who started the business after identifying the trend, lifestyle, and demand for a delivery application that enables community-building.

SEND is creating a community with an online application, which is now available on iOS and Android, that aims to revolutionize on how people does the delivery. The focus of the application is on-demand delivery, which items may arrive at the doorstep within 2 hours or less. SEND also believes that using such platform and technology will provide convenience to people whereby people spend less time travelling on their own to deliver items

I did just shared what I learned about SEND a couple of days HERE, so read it if you want to know more.

SEND is pretty versatile in terms of what can be delivered as the community platform has various type of vehicles; such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars, vans, and lorries. Hence, SEND allows people to engage large-scale deliveries such as moving furniture and delivering products in high quantities.

The founder and CEO of SEND, TP Chin says “We want SEND to be your day-to-day application which brings convenience to a person’s lifestyle. Our focus revolves to three results – efficiency, empowerment, and opportunity.”

As part of the vision of SEND, TP wants to empower more people to utilize the platform to earn extra income as the cost of living are increasing every year.

To ensure Creator to be able to track their items and have a peace of mind, SEND application is equipped with live GPS system which able to monitor the SENDer(s) movement when job is in the progress. Also, the rating system in SEND is to ensure the quality of SENDer’s services.

The Global Ambassador of SEND, Jorge Lorenzo, said, “I like the idea when it was first shared with me. I could see the opportunity of this technology going very far. I am looking forward to see how SEND financially empowers people, because it has always been my desire to contribute something back to the society, and I believe this is the right opportunity. I want to even introduce this platform to my own country to increase more job opportunity.”

Currently, the size of the SEND community has more than 10,000 people. TP targets to increase up to 300,000 by the end of year 2017, and the marketing team has already started promoting it in Klang Valley since second quarter of this year.

SEND has already set some plans to expand the global market in the near future. And Malaysia is just a starting ground for the team. They plan to go into the Asia market by 2017.

SEND is definitely an app to look out for as it will be making big waves in the delivery industry by breaking barriers and empowering communities.

So, if you need to SEND something? Just download the app and SEND it... !!!!


  1. this application sounds great. win-win scenario for those who needs convenience and those who needs to earn.! Will check them out soon! ^^

  2. I have seen so many apps with this kind of function. What make this different from the rest?

  3. I have read much about SEND lately. I feel that this service is indeed what we need. I just hope that they will expand their circle soon to include Ipoh.

  4. This is a very convenient app! Besides that, it does create job opportunities as well by earning some side income

  5. Love this innovative delivery app. I was lucky to be able to meet Jorge in person at the event too. Hehehe....

  6. This apps totally serve as what it says =D Need to check out this awesome and download it now!!

  7. What a nice app - this is certainly much needed and I am hopeful that they will expand it to other areas as well :)

  8. This is a nice app and very much needed by all of us.


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