Oct 11, 2016

Batiste Dry Shampoo to solve stinky hair woes....

Don't you hate it sometimes when you have washed your hair and walked in somewhere smoky to find your hair smelling of cigars, smoke or greasy food after that when you have come out... I know I have...  Don't worry, there is now a perfect solution to these woes... 

DKSH Malaysia recently launched Batiste dry shampoo, offering consumers like us the fastest and easiest way to great looking hair. Batiste is a classic dry shampoo that instantly refreshes your hair between washes, leaving it clean, fresh and full of body and texture.

Let's face it, maintaining great looking hair that smells fresh throughout the entire day can be a challenging mission because we have a hot and humid climate in Malaysia. 

Batiste dry shampoo is the perfect solution if you need fabulous hair quick. Just slip a handy can of Batiste into your handbag and use it anytime, anywhere to freshen up your hair or if you need a quick fix on a bad hair day. Just spray, massage in and style!!! Yeah... it is that simple!!!

Inspired by London’s fashion style, Batiste is set to become the next hairstyling trend here in Malaysia. Batiste has been the UK’s number one dry shampoo brand for over 30 years, offering consumers the fastest and easiest way to great looking hair. 

Batiste dry shampoo uses an innovative starch based “no water needed” formulation that does not leave any residue. Batiste targets excess oil and grease, help to eliminate it at the roots, giving any dull, lifeless hair a quick makeover. 

All you have to do is spray it into hair at the scalp and the hair, giving it texture and volume, massage the scalp area a bit and comb or style it.... 

This instant remedy saves time spent on hair styling and reduces the use of chemicals on your hair.

Batiste dry shampoo comes in five ranges that refresh your hair with a burst of fragrance:

Ÿ  Floral & Flirty - Blush – A bestseller with a floral scent that projects the essence of femininity that will surely turn heads

Ÿ  Fruity & Cheeky - Cherry – Ideal for anyone that loves a sweet scent. It has a smooth luscious retro flavour delivering a rich cherry scent

Ÿ  Clean & Classic - Original – A classic that cleans and freshens up your hair in no time with a very light scent

Ÿ  A Hint of Colour - Divine Dark – Colour tinted to give you a hint of colour to help blend in root regrowth and any stray greys

Ÿ  Show Stopping - Heavenly Volume – A 2-in-1 that instantly refreshes hair and gives more volume more than a normal dry shampoo could. A perfect way to give your hair a freshly amplified look
Batiste dry shampoo comes in some pretty trendy designed canisters that are inspired by global catwalk trends. 

The Original, Blush and Cherry, are available in two sizes – 50ml (RM 10.00) and 200 ml (RM 31.70) while Divine Dark and Heavenly Volume are only available in 200ml (RM 31.70). 

Batiste is available exclusively at all Guardian pharmacies nationwide, so go get yours now...


  1. First time heard of this brand.. I wish I knew about this during my confinement time.. Need dry shampoo.. haha~

  2. menarik ni..boleh cari dekat guradian

  3. I got the cherry scent and found out that I actually sprayed too close to my hair, leaving plenty of whitish residue on my hair, hence I had to wash it off immediately. Can't wait to use it again, this time correctly.

  4. First time hearing about this. And the price is quite reasonable - suitable for people who is always on the go

  5. First time heard about dry shampoo. A great product for fast and clean hair.

  6. Tak pernahdengar lagi brand ni tapi packaging die cantik

  7. Awh been hearing so much about Batiste and I have to say their dry shampoo works wonders. The original one certainly looks very tempting to get.

  8. oooh, didn't know there's a cure to stinky hair other than washing it. interesting!

  9. Oh... I need this, especially after going out whole afternoon and need to rush for night event >.<

  10. Nice! Been using dry shampoo after I did hair bleaching, gonna try this, I hope this one won't really cause skin dehydrate.

  11. Have been seeing them around. nice products for the convenient

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