Oct 26, 2016

SEND, your new on demand delivery platform

Yours truly went to check out SEND, a latest on-demand delivery platform recently launched with an online application to provide a community-based platform encouraging society to be connected through healthy social activities. 

Founded by young Malaysian entrepreneur, TP Chin, who started this business after identifying the opportunity and ability of this platform to empower people to generate income according to their lifestyle. 

SEND’s latest online delivery platform will revolutionize people's lifestyle on a daily basis. We want people to see it as more than a usual logistic solution. 

SEND is transforming delivery from traditional to innovative through our advanced GPS live tracking technology while also giving customers personalized attention.

SEND should be part and parcel of everyone’s daily life, whereby people use SEND to deliver almost anything that involves day-to-day activities such as picking up a birthday cake, delivering a home cooked meal, a surprise gift to loved ones, and even to pick up laundry, besides the regular delivery of parcels and documents. 

It is these small and personal gestures that is what that makes someone’s day and SEND aspires to be the agent of this movement. 

SEND wants to revolutionise the delivery industry by changing the perceptions that the general public has about delivery, going beyond traditional means of delivery and instead building and strengthening communities in the process. 

SEND provides much versatility in terms of what can be delivered as the platform has almost all types of vehicles at its disposal, from bicycles to cars, vans and lorries. 

SEND can also be engaged for large-scale deliveries such as moving furniture and delivering products in bulk. 

Therefore, SEND wants people from the community to work together in breaking the barriers, not only inter and intra city, but also across state and national borders.

TP also encourages people to use SEND to engage in community service; for instance, delivering charity food and daily necessities from Kuala Lumpur to victims of the recent flood in Kedah. 

Malaysia is a starting ground for SEND, the management hopes and plans to expand to the ASEAN market by next year and possibly go global in time to come.

The SEND platform is also recruiting SENDers and is open to any individuals who would like to create an extra source of side income since we know cost of living is escalating 

SEND is definitely an app to look out for as it will be making big waves in the delivery industry that will break barriers and empowering communities in the process

Need to SEND something? Just download the app and SEND it... !!!!

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