Oct 21, 2016

Asia- Pacific One Belt One Road Tourism Industry Fund invests in Malaysian projects....

Yours truly was over at the Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur to check out the signing of MOU between  Evergreen Offshore Inc and a few Evergreen  has already signed some MOUs with a few potential project owners who are directly involved in the tourism development projects 

They have allocated some HKD2 billion from the Fund to invest in Malaysian projects ahead of its other targeted markets including Thailand and Vietnam. . 

 Hong Kong based Evergreen Offshore Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the “Evergreen Group” incorporated at the British Cayman Islands in May 2012. 

The Company’s primary business involves Enterprises Analysis, Private Equity Funds and Listing Operations. Currently Evergreen Offshore Inc. holds two Trust Units: “Evergreen Offshore Fund Trust” and “Asia-Pacific One Belt One Road Tourism Industry Fund”. 

To date, the Company has a total of USD200 million in capital commitments and has invested over USD50 million in the first phase of its investment blueprint.

Evergreen Offshore Inc. recently launched a private equity fund worth HKD10 billion known as the Asia Pacific One Belt One Road Tourism Industry Fund, a private equity fund targeting the tourism sector in Malaysia. 

This is great as it builds on the existing strong bilateral relations between China and Malaysia. With the Asia Pacific One Belt One Road Tourism Industry Fund, Evergreen will be further boosting the relationship with investing in the country’s tourism sector for long term gain. 

The decision to debut the Fund in Malaysia was strongly supported by the evident growth of its tourism industry and the government’s plan to increase its investment in developing the sector. 

“The Fund is set up with a long-term vision to promote the tourism sector in countries and regions along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road,” said Mr. Davy Chan, Chairman of the Evergreen Group. “Through our partners here in Malaysia, as well as our own findings, we understand that the Malaysian government will increase its investment in the tourism industry.” 

Tourism and travels are Malaysia’s third largest source of foreign exchange earnings, which stood at RM61 billion, 5.7% of its total gross domestic product (GDP). The number is projected to reach RM262.2 billion, 15.8% of its GDP by 2025. 

“By working with Hong Kong and Mainland China, Malaysia will gain better financial strength thus strengthening its existing foundation and infrastructure in the hopes of achieving more integrated productivity and attracting investment,” Chan said. 

One Belt, One Road also known as OBOR, is a development strategy and framework proposed by Chinese paramount leader Xi Jinping that focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries primarily between the People's Republic of China and the rest of Eurasia. Malaysia is strategically situated on the south belt. 

In addition to the Chinese government, many private sectors, including Evergreen, have come together and aspire to contribute to the success of the ambitious initiative by investing in relevant projects in the OBOR trade route. 

The signing of the MOUs were followed suit the Evergreen Arts Stars (China) Cultural Video Media Company Limited (a subsidiary of Evergreen, a Hong Kong based private equity firm) selecting an Asia-Pacific One Belt One Road Tourism Industry Fund Promotion Ambassador through a Contest which was the first pageant by Evergreen Arts Stars as well as one of its objectives is to promote Asia-Pacific One Belt One Road Tourism Industry Fund. 

The 15 finalists from China were brought here to Malaysia for a 2-week training tour and filming for the campaign. Footages shot during this tour will be used in promoting the pageant and the fund, and will be aired over a few channels including IQIYI, Tencent, YouKu, and more

The pictures above are mine except for the bottom 5 pictures which are credited to Jane Chua of www.mommyjane.com

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