Oct 9, 2016

Konsert 3 Kejora Bersatu at the Istana Budaya...

In conjunction with the New Islamic Year Muharram 1346H,  Istana Budaya (the Palace of Performing Arts) along with KAY Event Management & Services together brought the pioneers from our local nasyid industry the "Konsert 3 Kejora Bersatu"

I may not be an overly religious person but I love listening to Nasyid songs which can be very calming and help us understand and reflect on the lyrics. It is as I have said before, easier to understand as music speaks to many people and straight to the soul.. and it is more memorable.. Hahah… just check out some of the kids (including mine who find it hard to memorise their times tables and such but easily memorise the latest songs…)

And well, so I was more than excited to jump at the chance to go watch this Nasyid concert...
There were also another couple of non muslims/ non Malays who were present as well who had the same idea as me…

The concert was definitely a beautiful performance accompanied by string ensembles and amazing backup singers and definitely shook up emotions of those who was present...

I have to say the “Konsert 3 Kejora Bersatu” surpassed my expectations and it was truly a mesmerizing performance from the start until the end without any intervals… but of course, we are getting the best performance from the pioneers and the best in the industry.. and I have always listened to some of these songs from time to time….

I have to say I especially love the effort put in by Rabbani who definitely made us smile with their change of clothing from costumes from Asia

 to errmm…. army, police, judge uniforms…

It was surely a night of reflection, reminders and harmony, as well as remembering those who went on ahead (pass away) as each of the 3 nasyid groups lost a 'brother'... Ustaz Mohd Asri Ibrahim the previous lead singer for Rabbani, Mohd Salleh Ramli from Hijjaz and the most recent loss of Mohd Salleh Mohamed Deril from Brothers, who passed away just a couple of days before this concert... Al Fatihah…

For this, the 3 groups came together with a tribute with the songs, Kau Sahabat, Kau Teman dan Kejora Sinar Zaman.. some members of the groups were seen wiping tears away while others comforted each other in their grief as they remembered their late members …..

The performance from acapella group Colour of Voices or COV, also impressed all those who were present…

There was also a special appearance from Nazrey Johani and Zulfadhli Afad (both from the nasyid group Raihan)

The Konsert 3 Kejora Bersatu was held for 2 days which was on the 7th and 8th of October 2016, at 8pm at the Panggung Sari Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur.

Hopefully this will be staged again sometime in the future as it was really such a treat ….

And...here are some pics with the amazing Nasyid singers....

With Hijjaz members...(photo credit thanks to Nazrey Johani for being so kind to play my photographer here)

With Rabbani members (photo credit thanks to Nazrey Johani for being so kind to play my photographer here)

A picture with an old friend...Nazrey Johani from Raihan along with Zulfadhli Afad also from Raihan... 

A pic with an old friend Yasin Sulaiman and the other members of Brothers..Syah Rizal Mohamad and Faiz Mohamad...(and in case you are wondering, yes, I have known both Nazrey and Yasin for a long time.. though we have not kept in touch all the while as I used to work with Warner Music Malaysia ages ago and these guys were just friendly and nice guys...)

Thanks to Istana Budaya and Kay Event Management & Services for having me over and pray that it will be staged again as it certainly was an amazing and not to be missed performance for all Nasyid fans...

A sneak peek on how a Nasyid is like.... for those who do not know....


  1. Wow, I'm not familiar with nasyid songs until I research more about it. I had never gotten a prospect to listen to a Muslim song and not even expecting of having at this kind of concert. It must be truly fun and enjoying one. I desire to get the chance and experience this one of a kind concert.

  2. Performing acapella? That is amazing, for me. With using just your voice to create magnificent tunes, such a talent that must be shared to the world. I haven't learned anything yet about Muslim song/s until now. You must be proud. I wish there would be something like that I could witness. It would be food for my cultural side. 😄

  3. I am not familiar with Nasyid song but as I understand it, it is something close to religious. If right, I am also not that religious but there is a certain calmness that I feel too when listening to those types of music. It is nice to reflect on the lyrics as well.

    Singing acapella, for me, is quite impressive. I appreciate it more than any kind of singing as the voice and the melody are indeed music to my ears.

  4. I'm not familiar with the group. I'm more familiar with KPOP though. I feel that you enjoyed the event. Now I miss going to concerts too.

  5. Hello Miera! There really is something about attending concerts such as these. The songs, whether you're a religious person or not, is moving and touching. I haven't heard about the group, though. But I think they are a famous group to the Muslim and Malays.

  6. While I'm not familiar with "Nasyid", I do love going to live performances. There's always magic to be had, and especially if the songs were made to uplift and inspire attendees. :)

  7. Well , Nasyid is totally unknown to me, I never heard about ! But your images look very promising, I love live music events of all kinds , and certainly a good acapella performance. I love any traditional or cultural shows, I am sure that was a great experience for you. Very neat post tho

  8. I'll be honest here because I don't want to pretend to know something I don't. I really haven't heard of Nasyid. But based on your post, they seem to be amazing performers. I love listening to string ensembles though. The sound of it makes me have goosebumps. Haha

  9. Music is indeed an undying form of art that goes through generation.
    I remembered a similar event like this here in Cebu , Philippines. This one for example: http://bit.ly/2e1sYAt
    A celebration of music, passion and arts!


  10. Wow. The concert looks fun. I'm not familiar with their genre but they seem interesting. I miss going attending concerts and musicals.


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