Oct 22, 2016

Julie's brings out "The Best of You"

Yours truly went all the way to Melaka to attend the Grand Launch for Julie’s ‘The Best of You 2016’ which was held at the AEON Bandaraya Melaka..

The event was launch with a speech from Mr Sai Tzy Horng, and sharing sessions from Siti Rahayu, who started up her ‘Buku Jalanan Chow Kit’ in the bid to educate the under privileged people, especially the kids on the street in the hope that they can turn their lives around to be more successful in the future…

Then there was also sharing sessions from celebrities such as the dashing Malay actor Fahrin Ahmad as well as the Chinese Radio DJ Chui Ling and a magnificent performance by Sada Borneo, the semi finalists from Asia Got Talent back in 2015… and it was obvious from their live performance how impressive they actually were… 

Personally for me, travel is what that saves me and makes me what I am today. I for one is just a high school graduate, and did not get any chances to further my studies as my single mother did not have the funds to let me further my studies and neither was my results good enough to get a scholarship… and well I have been in many awkward situations throughout my life as well and travel is the one thing that inspires me, sets me free, allows me to recharge, find myself, release my stress and live life… it is from travel that I learn a lot of things around the world and what that shapes me as well…

The Best of You Movement was first launched in May 2014 in Malaysia and Singapore by Julie’s the well-known biscuit manufacturer…

It is a social awareness movement to celebrate everyday heroes. The Best of You Movement is all about finding quiet moments in our busy lives to take stock of our accomplishments and appreciate what little blessings we have. And in asking this question, the people from the movement wants to inspire all of us to each celebrate the accomplishments, life experiences and well, sometimes, the people who have brought out the best in you…..

The Best of You Movement encourages personal affirmations and appreciations, and invite individuals everywhere like you and me to slow down, take the time to acknowledge , celebrate and share the little actions and achievements that have punctuated our lives…..

According to Mr Sai Tzy Horng, the consultant for The Best of You, The Best of You movement began after a lot of soul searching from their team… and it is a natural demonstration of Julie’s belief in doing good to do well in their business….the movement also offers and enables Julie’s internal team a space to share their stories and to build camaderie… It’s just a simple and small gesture from their part to stay connected to the community but everyone knows right, that the seemingly small actions can actually be quite monumental…For more details and news about Julie's or "The Best of You", check out....


  1. That's such a great experience to get to travel and also sharw in an initiative like this. I noticed you are also a mom of 3. I'm hesitant to travel and leave them behind. It's something I would like to do though. This is different from the Julie's Bakeshop we have?

    1. yes, this is a kind of inspiring movement by Julies biscuits but it is for remembering inspiring individuals as well as inspiring others...

  2. Great that you went to this event! It's so nice to see the launch. Great that there were also sharing sessions by celebrities. That makes it extra special. I totally agree, traveling means the world to me. I really like the philosophy of the The Best of You Movement. Everyone is so busy all the time. It's so valuable to appreciate what you have.

  3. I totally agree with you! Travel really make me change my view to life ! That's why i like travel~


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