Oct 29, 2016

How to own an iPhone 7s or 7+ now and change it next year...

Most of us cannot resist the lure of new smart phones.. after all it is hard to resist when you know the latest models comes with amazing and better features over time. But not all of us can afford a brand new smart phone with their astronomical prices. 

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I am one of them who can't quite afford it, but since I needed one, so I turned to one of the phone network brands offering zero upfronts and installment payments which is pretty awesome at first...  but behind this lurks a more expensive bill, and you are tied to the phone network brand for two years and there is nothing you can do about it.... that is... until now....

CompAsia, or rather ComputerAsia Sdn Bhd, is a Regional IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) company which has just unveiled a smart ownership programme called ‘ReNew+’ to change the way and give more people the opportunity to buy and own their smartphones in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. 

 ‘ReNew+’ is a rare pioneering move undertaken by CompAsia to penetrate and compete in the new smartphone devices markets in these countries.

Set up in 2012 to reinvigorate and impact the ITAD industry Asia-wide, CompAsia operated its first facility in Petaling Jaya in 2012 to undertake secure data removal, repair, rebuild, refurbish and remarket used consumer electronics such as laptops, desktops, servers, PC monitors, tablets and smartphones. The refurbished machines and devices are sold directly to consumers via its optimised online retail store (www.compasia.com) and its distribution channels located nationwide. 

Today and 4 years later, CompAsia has also expanded to Singapore and built its second ITAD facility in the Philippines in 2016, as the Company continues to grow to become one of Asia’s leading and trusted suppliers of professionally-refurbished consumer electronics, IT and telecommunications equipment.

With the maiden launch of ‘ReNew+’ today, CompAsia has  made owning that dream new smartphone every year more affordable. 

This smarter upgrade programme began its first product offering by allowing customers in Malaysia to pay only a low monthly fee for a new iPhone 7s or 7+ and also allows them to trade them in after 12 months of payments to get the next generation iPhone without the hassle of any upgrading or termination fees. 

All you have to do is purchase your latest iPhone from the CompAsia‘s online store ( www.compasia.com ) or from the participating stores of its collaborating partners. 

This dreamy upgrade programme will allows eligible customers purchase the new iPhones using their Maybank’s credit cards with MayBank’s EzyPay that offers an interest-free instalment plan of up to 24 months. With low monthly payments and no upfront payment.

‘ReNew+’ also comes bundled with ‘Phone Guard’ that provides a one-year free protection for cracked screens and that means no stress or worry when you accidently drop your smart phone and see that screen crack...huhuhu, I had that experience recently with my Huawei Mate 8 and it is a painful experience.. I would have preferred to have fallen and bruised my own self, as it would have been less painful and less expensive..

ReNew+ is uniquely designed to provide a smarter choice for owners who want to upgrade their high end smartphones every year. However unlike other traditional plans offered by local carriers, ReNew+ is uniquely carrier-independent as it frees users from having to be locked to a single carrier for two years. This super-flexible upgrade plan simply allows owners the freedom to choose new carriers or even continue with current ones. More significantly, users are also free to switch carriers even after 12 months without the hassle of getting out of a carrier’s specific two-year plan.

 CompAsia’s aim is to be able to offer more choices and flexibilities than current traditional consumer OEMs and local mobile carriers because majority customers just wanted a hassle-free and good early upgrade deal. With ReNew+, he said customers have now become aware that there is a different way they can actually buy and sell their smartphones.

 CompAsia hopes to ‘uberized’ the way smartphones are being sold and bought here in Malaysia, Singapore and the Phiippines with ReNew+. 

CompAsia is set on ensuring a steady supply of used devices to encourage re-use and longer-use. CompAsia is also trying to make it more convenient for smartphone users to sell their used devices  so that those devices can be refurbished and reused so that consumers and the environment are protected from the unnecessary costs of premature obsolescence. 

CompAsia believe in maximizing the value and environmental benefits of smart phone. They want to retrieve the used devices as early as possible as they aim to maximise the lifecycle of every smartphone and will reuse and repair them until it has no re-use value before recycling them. Sustainability has always been the core driver of CompAsia. 


ReNew+ is a wonderful and straightforward way to get more users to give up their older phones when they decide to upgrade to the most newer/recent smartphone. RENEW+ is set to fundamentally change the way people buy and sell their smartphones.

So if you need a new iPhone 7s or 7+ now, be sure to check out: www.compasia.com 

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  1. omg!! i wish i knew about this before i bought a new phone!! must share this with hubs! thanks!

  2. This one is really really good. You really get to play with the latest phones and loads of other good deals.

  3. I want to change new phone!!!!checking the website now!!

  4. Great phone!Heard about compasia a lot. They really up to date.

  5. hmm, gimme the iphone 7 NAO NAO NAO! :D.. time to pass on my iphone 6

  6. this is a necessity I would say for this era...its great that they came up with this brilliant idea..

  7. Wow this a great idea, i need a new phone soon.

  8. This is great for those who keep changing their phones! RM160/month sure makes owning an iPhone 7 so much affordable

  9. Great offer with CompAsia, makes owning an iPhone 7 so much more easier & affordable!

  10. This is really a great way to save and be in with the trends. I just wish it's available here in the Philippines. I checked but it only caters to Malaysia and Singapore. Still wishing it would be also available here!

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