Oct 27, 2016

6 ways to save money on shopping...

I was in Singapore for a short vacation break with my daughter and happened to pass the famed Orchard Road and guess what… some of the Christmas decorations were already up which just reminds me Christmas is just right around the corner…and then Chinese New Year will be following suit, not too long after, which means t’is the season to be shopping, tra la la la la la la la la….

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One of the best and most inexpensive ways to shop whether it’s for shoes, clothes, groceries, hotels, travel packages etc,etc is of course… online. Not only will you be saving on your fuel and time, they have free home delivery services and so on means your products get delivered right at the door step at no extra cost which also prevents excessive purchases. And this means no more lugging many shopping bags around as well.. hahah

Talking about excessive purchases… it is when you go shopping with your family members and find your kids or spouse adding on to your purchases.. huhuhu… and many a times you will find there are like 20% more things then you meant to buy….

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By shopping online, I take my own sweet time browsing and choosing what I like and discarding it on a  later moment when I find a better deal….and yes, it surprises me how a lot of people have not quite realized that if a retailer gives you the option of entering a discount or promo code, the chances are pretty good that they have some available.

With the rising cost of living, everyone needs more money unless you are very rich – but actually, did you know the rich also gets rich from scrimping and saving…, I have just returned from Singapore and I could see how high the cost of living is there and ditto here in Malaysia where even working in the oil and gas industry or banking industry is no longer safe as it use to be with companies retrenching people and cutting cost as well.

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Ok, so here are a few of my tips on how to save money shopping online and yes, it works perfectly for me, as heaven knows how much I have saved over the months shopping for myself and my kids. Shopping with these tips have seemed to stretch my RM100 more than if I were to bring that RM100 to the departmental store..

1. Coupons!!! Did you know you can actually save a whole lot more when it come to extra deals or coupons you can get in one of the website I found  paylesser  for some pretty amazing deals on sites like Lazada, Zalora, airbnb, Agoda, Shoppu, Grab, Althea, and practically anything…. There are just so many coupons there my mouth practically dropped open when I first stumbled across those sites…

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2. Avoid shipping fees: Many stores offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount. If you’re falling short of that minimum, think about other items you may need that you can purchase ahead of time. I recently bought a face mask at  Althea because I was a few ringgit short of the current RM99 minimum (usually RM150) required for free shipping. I thus saved myself the RM18 flat shipping fee and had an extra face mask to pamper my face with, and you can also buy the Sleeping Mask Mono from Sephora Collection for about RM10 from Sephora to save on the RM20 flat shipping fee ... Psst...check out Sephora coupon codes for savings!!!

3. Check the return policy: Some retailers, such as Lazada and Zalora.com has free return policies.... It comes in handy knowing the retailer’s return policy as this can help you save money if you’re not completely satisfied with an item.

4. Be patient: If you don’t need an item right away, fill up the shopping cart online and leave it there… chances are the site will contact you with an offer and/ or you should also check back daily over a couple of weeks to see if any new coupon pops up or if the item goes on sale. And well, when you chance on a good deal, jump on it—it often won’t last long!

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5. Use the right credit card: Many credit card companies now offer rewards for using them – usually in the form of points or cash back. Designate the credit card that gives you the most rebates back or points to your online purchases (just make sure you do not go overboard and remember to pay the credit card bill every month).

6. Shop through a rebate website: Shopping through a rebate site such as shopback allows you to earn money while you shop. Sign up for a free account by submitting your email address, then shop through the stores which support shopback, and you can earn a cash back percentage for every transaction (these percentages vary per store). How amazing is that!!! You could practically save for another new outfit, makeup or a hotel stay!!!

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What are your tips and tricks to save money online? Hope this benefits you and help you save as much money as it did for me, especially for this coming festive seasons...

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Happy shopping!!!

Note: photos here are not mine and taken from google.com and credits to womansday.com, holbornassets.com, technofaq.com, opera.com, shutterstock, scapeliving.com and giphy and used only for illustration purposes


  1. Yes! I like more saving so that I can shop more. Going to start hunting for my christmas presents soon.

  2. Thank you for this great post ! I really enjoyed visiting your website, I love your header image btw :) it's really sweet. The tips you are giving are really great , especially the coupons , I know it is a big thing everywhere now. I heard of people who do most of their monthly shopping with couponing, I am just too lazy to look for coupons and collect them and so on. I am sure , your tips will really help to save some money. OMG , how right you are ... a few more weeks and it's christmas again . Time passes far too quick :)

  3. This is a great list that you've put together. I can't stress enough on the importance of having discipline during shopping season. One should also be smart & creative to be able to still save when shopping.

    I recently learned the importance of choosing the right credit card. Just a few months ago, I got this credit card that does this point system. What I like about this card is that the points do not expire plus the things that one can avail aren't difficult to get unlike these other credit cards.

  4. This list is really helpful, I will definitely check paylesser, this is the first time that I heard it, and yes lazada do have a great deal and sephora especially if your part of their program.

  5. I think the best tip to add is "Don't buy anything you don't really need". You'd save a lot when you don't spend vs buying a discounted item. A lot of people today have a problem with managing their finances especially because of discounts and credit cards. Just because they can, they will do it. Another tip to add is, "think of your credit card as money you already have in the bank" if you don't have money in the bank, then don't use it.


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