May 26, 2017

Get Raya-Ready this Ramadan with Dettol and Air Wick

Ramadan is here, the a holy month where Muslims observe fasting and count their blessings for being fortunate, it is also a time when Malay families prepare for Hari Raya. 

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This would be from cleaning the house to shopping for new clothes, to planning the menu for breaking fast and even squeezing in time to bake some yummy cookies -- it’s all part and parcel of this busy month.... so if you are celebrating Ramadan, Happy Ramadan's your preparations coming along...

As you cook up a storm during this festive period and invite your friends and loved ones to break fast together, Dettol and Air Wick ensure you stay germ-free and protected with a great-smelling home to impress your guests!

At the same time, did you know, throughout May and June 2017, all you have to do is spend RM25 and above on Dettol and/or Air Wick products in a single receipt, and redeem an exclusive Raya cookie container to store all your favourite nibbles in. There are four attractive colours of the Raya cookie containers to add joy to your home and they are available at major pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets in Malaysia.

Chef Anis Nabilah also expressed her excitement for this year’s Hari Raya celebrations together with Dettol and Air Wick.

“Ramadan is always a busy month for me as I need to get everything ready, from prepping the food to baking Raya cookies for my family and friends. One tip that I have for everyone is that you should always clean your hands before you start cooking or baking and always ensure the cleanliness of all your surfaces and utensils throughout the process. After all the chaos in the kitchen, I make sure my house smells good with a spritz or two of air freshener – I find the automatic ones the best because they do the work for me!”

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Dettol and Airwick wish all Raya celebrants a peaceful and blessed Ramadan with Dettol’s germ-free protection and Airwick’s scent for the home. 

For more information on the campaign, head over to Dettol Malaysia Facebook.


  1. i used to be a loyal dettol user back then during my school time. But nowadays not anymore. I keep changing to other brands lol

  2. i am loyalty user of dettol! Really love the effect after using because can be very clean <3

  3. How delightfully every one of the sentiments have been passed on through composing.
    Ramadan Morocco


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