May 4, 2017


Marketed as a meal replacement to lose weight, the claimed benefits of this shake is said to include craving suppression, weight management and so on..

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Despite the claims, the quality of Slim Fast is rather arguable. Those who created the shake tried to make it more appealing by using artificial sweeteners and coloring. Such ingredients are said to cause potential side effects including weight gain, rashes, changes of mood. Consumers are said to have noted other health issues related to the use of this shake.

The energy value of the product is higher than calories content of most meal replacements. Hence, you obtain 180 calories per one serving excluding calories from fat.

The protein quality is another issue. This ingredient comes from calcium caseinate and milk protein concentrate. These sources of protein do not provide the essential amino acids and cannot boast of good quality. Besides, most of the protein in the shake is represented with water, one of the cheapest ingredients.

This mixture of cheap and synthetic components is packed in bottles. A pack of 8 bottles costs $19.01. A month supply of the shake amounts around 24 bottles, so your monthly expenses will rise threefold. 

This shake is of poor quality due to numerous artificial ingredients. The shakes, which mostly contain natural components, will be the best alternatives to Slim Fast.


It is good soy-free MR product. Isagenix is created to suppress craving due to its high calories. Each portion of the shake supplies 240 calories, which is a considerable value. Because of this, this product is not recommended, because it can cause weight gain.

Protein in the shake is also contained in high volume. Each serving provides 24 g of protein, which has a disputable quality. The producers note that the protein comes from a mixture of several sources. So, we cannot state that the protein originates completely from whey.

One canister of Isagenix is designated for 14 servings. Hence, a month supply of the product requires almost 2 canisters, which will cost more a bit more than $100.

Yoli YES Shake

This shake contains not many ingredients and two patented blends. The first one is called LeanImmune, which includes vegetables and fruits; the second one – PuraWhey – is a combination of whey protein.

Each serving of YES shake provides 12 grams of protein. The quality of protein is good, however, it lacks most of essential fats. The manufacturers use natural sweeteners, such as stevia and luo han guo.

A month supply of Yoli Shake costs $80, which is an overestimated price for this content of ingredients.

18 Shake

This purely natural shake is famous for its perfect combination of nutrients, fiber, protein, and other healthy ingredients. The content of the shake excludes any preservatives or stimulants. For this reason, 18 Shake can boast of customers’ safety. The product offers high quality whey protein and fiber.

The energy value of the shake is 90 calories, which is enough for your daily meal substitute. The product shows high efficiency in weight management and is very popular among users. The regular price of 18 Shake is $59.99, however, the producers offer discounts on various terms


  1. I need to slim fast also. The shakes looks delicious, will check it out.

  2. I'm actually looking for a slimming product. These look like the right ones

  3. I have been looking for a way to manage my weight for a while now and it's difficult to find a shake to fit my need. I decided to make my own natural shake with just banana, avocado and milk.

  4. Help! I'm five foot two, 220 lb, I have type 2 diabetes and Crohn's disease. I I am miserable at this weight. I am also 52 years old I don't smoke drink or do drugs
    I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't but I got to do something. So can somebody please help me tell me what to do

    1. I forgot to add my name is Nicole Worthy you can reach me at..nwo nworthy18@gmail.


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