May 29, 2017

Gorgeous clothing for Raya from Shopee Malaysia

As we all know, since Ramadan is here, Syawal and Raya is approaching, and with that comes all the preparations for home beautification- new curtains , new sofa/sofa covers, new containers and also buying new clothes for ourselves and our kids… and with everything so expensive nowadays, as well as the trouble of having to queue to pay, queue for parking and so on, I find it more cost saving, convenient and fun shopping online.. and so this time I am sharing with you some of the clothing I found over Shopee….

And here they are…..

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For my elder daughter I got a Baju Kurung songket from the LinaniBoutique.. it suit her perfectly…

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I got a Baju Kurung chiffon russet from Jubah RM80 .. it is somewhat a combination of a Pakistani wear and what the Indonesian wear… and it was somehow unique.. it is somewhat comfortable but a bit hot because of the chiffon layers so I would wear this in an air conditioned environment….

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My younger daughter loved the Pucci 2-face shawl from ShawlCantik Shop which was basically easy to wear especially over a black inner tudung from Syaza Yasmin…..

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Then I found me a Front Button blouse (black) from BlouseMuslimah which was very comfortable to wear as the material is thin…

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Then from SisterGojes, I got a nice dark purple Telekung, a black and white Jubah made of lycra and a bottle of fabric spray which is just so convenient as it makes your whole home fresh or at least the clothes you are wearing all fresh and fragrant….. I use it to spray my sofa, my curtains, my bed sheet and some of my clothes…..

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And well, the best thing about shopping with Shopee is that you can be assured that it is very safe to shop there as Shopee has a policy of the customer paying the money to Shopee, and the vendor sending the items, then Shopee will pay the vendor.... 

And so now you know how it works, be sure to check out
                                      for your Raya needs

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  1. Cantik lah the clothing you get from Shopee! Most importantly is affordable too =)


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