May 7, 2017


If you have seen Korean artistes LIVE in person, you will be amazed to see that they are just so tall and gorgeous with translucent and flawless skin, and many Malaysian girls as well as girls fro all over who idolize them wish they could be like their idols...

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 SYAHIRAH – the halal skincare in Malaysia, which has been around since 2007 recently introduced their new range for all Korean beauty product lovers. 

Shariza Hazni, Product Manager of SYAHIRAH says, “According to our research, though many beauty product users would be happy to try Korean skincare and beauty products, oftentimes they would doubt if the ingredients and the products themselves are certified with valid Halal status. 

As a homegrown brand that understands beauty requirements of every girl, SYAHIRAH has developed a range of skincare products that are more suitable for Malaysian skin. Furthermore, the ingredients and the manufacturing process are certified halal by JAKIM.”

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SYAHIRAH Korean Secrets uses the latest technology from Korea containing specially formulated Tri-Flower Essence with ingredients that has been carefully selected from Jeju Island, Korea known to provides hydrating and whitening benefits. 

With that, by using Syahirah Korean Secrets, you will be able to attain flawless and evenly toned skin that will boost your self-esteem and confidence.

SYAHIRAH Korean Secrets is actually available in 2 different ranges – Hydra Soft and White Glow -

SYAHIRAH KOREAN SECRETS Hydra Soft is created for girls who desire flawless and hydrated skin. 

Using the latest Korean technology and the Tri-Flower essence that comprises Ginseng flower, Chamomile and Green Tea that supplies the skin with adequate hydration to keep the skin healthy and evenly toned. Moreover, users can benefit more from the Tri-Flower essence: It moisturizes and hydrates the skin, reduces irritation of the skin and contains antioxidant benefits as well as brightens the skin.

There are five interesting products in SYAHIRAH KOREAN SECRETS Hydra Soft range - Facial Cleanser Gel, Facial Scrub, Alcohol-Free Facial Toner, Moisturising Facial Cream and Beauty Cream that makes up a complete beauty regimen and your key to getting that beautiful and hydrated skin. 

Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft complete regimen:
 Facial Scrub is formulated with soft exfoliation beads that helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells, giving us smoother and refined skin.

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 Facial Cleanser Gel cleanses the dirt whilst keeping the skin balance and moisturized .

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Alcohol-Free Toner can helps minimize the pores and refreshes the skin after every wash. It also enhances the skin’s absorption and subsequently smoothen the skin.

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Moisturising Cream provide our skin with the adequate moisture supply so the skin remains fresh and glowing.

Beauty Cream is ideally used as makeup foundation to cover up flaws, freckles and tones our skin evenly.

 On the other hand if you are are looking for an alternative to a brighter and lustrous skin, do be sure to check out the SYAHIRAH KOREAN SECRETS White Glow that is specially designed with brightening agent from the Tri-Flower Essence,a combination of pink flowers namely Cherry Blossom, Lotus and Camellia that will brighten up the skin as well as enriched with hydrating benefits and can reduce any skin discomfort.

The SYAHIRAH KOREAN SECRETS White Glow range consists 6 great products – Facial Cleanser, Anti-Acne Facial Cleansing Gel, Alcohol-Free Facial Toner, Day Cream SPF 20, Night Cream and Beauty Cream SPF15 that makes up the regimen for luminous and beautiful skin. 

Personally, I got to try out the SYAHIRAH KOREAN SECRETS Hydra Soft range and I have to say that I like it.. it is refreshing, pleasantly scented and makes my skin feels clean and fresh after use...   Bonus points for being Halal and I do not have to worry about whats in the ingredients....

Get your SYAHIRAH KOREAN SECRETS now and be on your way to much more beautiful, flawless and brighter skin like a Korean girl!

These products are available nationwide, in major supermarkets and hypermarkets. 

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For more info, log on to SYAHIRAH Facebook page, and Instagram SYAHIRAH@syahirahmalaysia.


  1. First time heard about this brand. Product looks good.

  2. How awesome that Muslims can now use Korean type of skin care products without worrying about the ingredients used, since these are halal ones. Non-Muslims also can use them, I am sure.

  3. I'm using this product before, and I love the soft smell

  4. Syahirah with korean? Should give out a try soon.

  5. Interesting concept for both of the combination! Mesti banyak orang nak beli ni, Korean artist have those smooth and glowing skin after using Korean product =)

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  7. Great blog you really share good article in the blog.. Thanx for share...

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  9. i bought syahirah white glow yesterday and just tried it last night. so far i loved how my skin react to it. I have combination skin type it does not irritate my skin and leaving my skin with enough moisture and making it smoother. but what i loved the most is that the toner and the moisturizer absorb into the skin and u dont get that tacky feeling after applying them. will have to wait for couple of weeks to get better result

  10. Can you see recommend me which one is good for me? I have acne and combination skin, which one should I try?

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