May 19, 2017


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Every young girl, or those who are young at heart loves an instax camera. You can find many Asian girls, from Japan, Korea, China, all wanting to own one or already having one as well, the instax camera is a fun, whimsical gadget that inspires cute images of multi-colored balloons, vintage looking photos, ice cream treats, cotton candy and all things cute

Anyway, for fans of the instax camera or those wanting to get their hands on one, FUJIFILM (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. has recently launched the much anticipated instax SQUARE SQ10 (SQ10) as well as the new instax mini 9. 

The SQ10 was unveiled echoing the theme The New Shape of Creativity. The hybrid instant camera SQ10 with the new square format film instax SQUARE Film is the first hybrid camera within its range equipped with a digital image sensor and digital image processing technology, enabling greatly improved photographic image quality and image editing/processing before printing. How exciting right?

“We are thrilled to bring to you the latest SQ10 and it has to be said that The New Shape of Creativity is certainly a theme that resonates beautifully with this new version of the range,” says Yoshitaka Nakamura, FUJIFILM Malaysia Managing Director.

 “The square format of the film makes for an excellent base to bring out arty skills. This camera entices the young generation as it is interesting and attractive, especially since Social Network Service (SNS) photographs are in a square format as well.” 

The new system of the SQ10 also catapults the image quality of instax to the next level and allows photographers to add a creative and artistic edge to their photography with an intuitive interface designed especially for this hybrid camera. 

In conjunction with the launch, a campaign called Taking New Shape: Creating Journals of Journeys was developed with the help of 6 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs): Hatta Dolmat, Charlen Tan, Ahmad Ezzrin Loy, Fara Ain, Ramona ZamZam and Angela Lieche who fashioned a 5-day journal of their lives by simply using the SQ10 and its easy-to-use features. 

Each journal was a work-of-art and exuded individualistic creativity accented by the square feature offered. Each of the selected KOLs had the chance to enjoy the improved image-capturing functions of the SQ10 as well as its unrivalled levels of control and ease of use.

 “Putting this journal together was so much fun and exceedingly easy… especially since I had my hands full at work,” said fashion designer Hatta Dolmat. “The newly developed square format film is really exciting as it projects an artistic look and feel. I believe this format will fair very well with the young generation and photo enthusiasts. The experience of shooting with the composition suitable for the “1 to 1" aspect ratio and then creating tangible prints using the editing and processing function makes the SQ10 that much more appealing,” he added. 

The new instax mini 9 on the other hand builds on the worldwide success of instax mini 8 as it shares the same iconic design and ease of use. 

The refreshed range however comes with a selfie mirror and  close-up lens. A few features equipped to mini 8 remain the same - such as automatic exposure measurement for aperture settings and high-key mode that enables users to take brighter photos, perfect for portraits.

  The mini 9 is such a stylish, compact camera for parties, festivals, events and days out and comes in five trendy new colors, “Flamingo Pink”, “Lime Green”, “Cobalt Blue”, “Smoky White” and “Ice Blue” designed to pique the interest of a young demographic. 

The instax SQUARE SQ10 and instax mini 9 is available at AVENUE K JAPAN FESTIVAL and Wonder Photo Shop (LG2.142 Sunway Pyramid and 1st Floor, The Japan Store ISETAN, Lot 10) until 21 May 2017 before it is released nationwide, so go grab yours now... I know I am going to be having a lot of fun with mine, or should I say, my daughter is going to have a lot of fun with mine... hahahah
...and of course... wait for our review of our instax mini 9

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