May 23, 2017

Beauty over Safety? It Is Time You Took Sides

Before you write an essay online at Yourwriters on the 21st century girl, you need to understand the depth of these girls' desire to look beautiful. 

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Almost all girls desire that attractive look that makes heads turn in their direction. From luscious lips, glowing eyes, to shining nails, and great hair, every woman deserve and want to look beautiful. 

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And because of these, clever and unscrupulous men have taken advantage the multibillion-dollar beauty industry promising all manner of things. 

From “heavenly African hair,” to angelic beauty, to “celebrity looks,” from whitening and bleaching creams, desperate girls fall into these traps unaware of the danger lurking behind it all.

But is there anything essentially wrong with the beauty industry?  The answer is a big “No.” 

The problem is just because of greedy people taking advantage of  unsuspecting women by getting them to use beauty products that are laced with all manner of dangerous chemicals. 

This post will expose some of the chemical properties you need to be wary of when buying cosmetics. 

We are not telling you to stop using beauty products. The aim here is to help you put your safety first so that your wellbeing stays ahead of your “well-looking.” 

The reason is that your life is more important than anything else. Because, after spending a few hundred dollars buying cosmetics, and you could also be spending tens of thousands of dollars treating long-term side effects when the vendors have gotten rich and disappeared.

The remaining sections of this post will explore some of these dangerous ingredients and their negative effects on our health. Keep reading ....

The first culprit on our list is this group of chemicals called phthalates. Most companies use them to enable their products to hold color and scent for long. 

Some of them are clever enough to disguise them under harmless terms such as “fragrance” so you assume that there is nothing wrong with “fragrance.” 

So, what is wrong with these chemicals, and what adverse side effects do they have on your body? 

These chemicals can disrupt the normal functionality of the endocrine system. This system of your body is responsible for the development and production of your hormones. 

When it is disrupted, it leads to damage in the following areas of your body:
Your reproductive system: Does it not surprise you why we are suffering from reproductive challenges despite having better reproductive knowledge and tools in place?
The development of the endocrine system: These chemicals also interfere with the proper development of this system.
The neurological system: Does this tell you something regarding the increase of neurological problems we have today?

Besides affecting you in the areas we have seen above, they can also interfere with the future generations because phthalates can lead to premature deliveries.

So, what is the solution?  When buying cosmetic products, go for the ones that have plant-based oils because they are safer for you and your unborn child.

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The second chemical you need to be wary of when buying cosmetics is lead. The unscrupulous manufacturers usually use them in lipsticks and foundations. 

In most cases, it is termed as color additives. But what are the consequences of lead to your health?
Delayed arrival of puberty among women
Increased cases of infertility among women
Increased cases of miscarriage among women

Number three on our list of dangerous chemicals is Quaternium-15. 

This chemical is a common preservative in eyeliners and mascara. 

Here are some of the adverse side effects that come because of exposing yourself to Quaternium-15 for a long time.
Various forms of cancer: Is it not surprising that cancer has become a very common malady in our day?
Sensitive skin: It is no wonder that skin sensitivity is becoming more prevalent among women
Skin irritation: This chemical is the third consequence of using products that are formulated with this chemical

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Butylated compounds
Number four on our list of chemicals you need to be wary of are butylated compounds. 

Some manufacturers use these chemicals to preserve the following beauty products:
Lip gloss
Skin cleansing agents

But what is the problem with these compounds? Below are the damages that these compounds can cause:
They lead to the increased development of tumors
They disrupt the normal functionality of hormones in the body

These chemicals are used to preserve products.  However, they can penetrate the skin so easily and cause the following damages:
They can disrupt the way your hormones function
They destroy the way your nerves function
They disrupt your reproductive system

Another group of chemicals you need to be cautious of when selecting a beauty product is siloxanes.

 These chemicals are used to soften, smooth, and moisten cosmetics so that they can have more effect on your body. But the problem is that they do all this and leave you with the following side effects:
They can poison your reproductive system
They interfere with the functionality of the endocrine system, producing the same effects as those caused by phthalates

Nanoparticles in titanium or zinc oxide
As you buy your cosmetics, be cautious of the nano (very tiny) particles that come from zinc oxide and titanium. You need to be careful so that you can know whether the size of zinc oxide and titanium particles used in your cosmetic is nano or normal.

 The reason is that if they are too tiny, it is possible to inhale them into the lungs and blood stream and finally, into other parts of the body.

Manufacturers usually include these particles in sunscreens. 

But what are the consequences of these chemicals? Below are their damages in the body:
They can cause serious lung and respiratory problems
They can also damage the DNA

Formaldehyde is another chemical you need to watch out for. It serves as a preservative in nail polish hardeners and hair straighteners. It can cause the following negative effects:
Skin irritation
Nose irritation
Tract irritation
Eye irritation
Respiratory tract irritation

Resorcinol is an antiseptic that some beauty product manufacturers use in hair dyes. It can cause the following effects in the body when taken in large quantities on a broken skin:
It irritates the skin
It can cause the dysfunction of the thyroid system

This chemical is found in some nail polishes. The substance has shown the following effects on the body when you use it for a short time:
Short-term neurological effects such as hallucinations, dizziness, euphoria, and headaches
When you expose yourself to it for a long time and in high levels, it can lead to the following effect:
It can affect the development of the fetus

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This post has brought you to terms with some of the dangerous chemicals found in various beauty products and their negative side effects. 

Now that you learn about all the danger your cosmetics can cause, the ball is in your court, so choose to take care of your health because, in that way, beauty will fall in perfect place. If you need more help in these matters, you can talk to the experts.


  1. I cant believe that cosmetics can have dangerous ingredients. thanks for sharing I will write this down and research first before I buy makeup

  2. barang makeup pun bahyaa..sebab tu kene tengok dulu

  3. All these chemicals are so scary. That's why I am going for organic these days. But even so, how safe are they?

  4. Omg I didn't know about this, the amount of beauty products I'm using and I'm not aware of this, tthanks for sharing.

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