Feb 14, 2015

An Amazing Time at the XES Chinese New Year Luncheon 2015

 Just a few days ago, yours truly was one of the invited guests at the XES Chinese New Year Luncheon which was a downright exciting event. Since Chinese New Year was around the corner, XES took the opportunity to celebrate that auspicious festive season with fellow media and bloggers with the theme "Be Stylish with XES" as well of shades of red and purple.

The unforgettable event (for all those present) was held at the XES premium boutique at Quill City Mall on the 11th of February. The team from XES had decorated the store with pretty festive decor.

The early birds who arrived first had the chance to be the first few who got an amazing makeover, which was part of the highlights of the event. This amazing make up and hair do session was sponsored and done by the Sense  & Style Beauty Academy.

After getting all dolled up, we took the opportunity to get our fortune told by shaking a stack of chopsticks until one of the numbered chopsticks fell out. Then we went to the pretty plum blossom tree to search out our number.

To prep up for the other part of the highlights of the event, I went in search of some props which were the beautiful shoes, wedges, heels, and sandals XES has come up with....

Gosh... I was excited by the pretty new designs in an assortment of colors and styles.

Because of the amazing assortment , and unable to decide , I went for a simple photo shoot first at the designated photo booth.

Then the gorgeous host of the event, Shellys Marketing Sdn Bhd, Ms Sabrina Quigley Chin started giving her speech. She was clad in a lovely lace purple cheongsam and looked exquisite.

We then kicked off with the auspicious Lou Sang, to wish for abundance of luck and happiness for everyone. Before that, there was a presentation using the yee sang ingredients to create the initials of XES

The beautiful brand Ambassador Mico Pun was naturally present in a stunning pink and purple qipao.

Sabrina, the God of Prosperity, Mr Simpson Wong (Managing Director of Shellys Marketing) and the lovely Mico Pun getting ready on their side to Lo Hei....
A peek at some more gorgeous shoes and heels from XES collections....

A picture with the models in their Chinese fairy clothing and the God of Prosperity and gorgeous Mico Pun

Then the Sense & Style Beauty Academy, demonstrated a 10 minutes Chinese New Year Hair Styling Demonstration which was pretty amazing and fast to do.

Blogger pal Elana being one of the models for the 10 minute hair demonstration...
Below.... some selfies taken with my pretty blogger pals... Kylie, Grace, Elana and Sherry....

Anyway, regarding the other part of the highlight where all bloggers and media present , upon completing their amazing make over session had their pictures taken with XES products; shoes or bag. A photo print out was given to each guest before leaving.

By taking part in the photo shoot, guests got to automatically participate in the XES Chinese New Year Facebook Contest "Be Stylish with XES".

The photos will be uploaded to Facebook, starting from 17th February and the contest will end by 17th March 2015.

Pretty blogger pal, Sara Aliza having her makeover....
Below here, yours truly being overly vain, not contented with her first hair do, I thought to be more adventurous and opted for a bun...... and well.... here it was...

Not too bad huh? Above is Carmen, my stylist from Sense & Style Beauty Academy....

More selfies with blogger pals ARJ, Sara Aliza and Ellie. Then a vain pot picture of me in a pretty unique Japanese outfit....

The Facebook contest : "Be Stylish with XES" mechanics are as simple as:-
Step 01    : Like  XES Shoes facebook  http://www.facebook.com/xesshoes
Step 02     : Tag your photo to your friends and family members
Step 03     : Get your friends to VOTE your photo by clicking LIKE 
(From Feb 17th -March 17th 2015)
Step 04    : The Winner with the most LIKEs will be contacted through email or phone, and will be officially announced and presented a prize at the end of March 2015, in conjuction with XES Signature Exclusive Preview.

The winner will walk away with RM888.00 cash, RM1388 worth of products and RM1888.00 worth of products to be given away to the lucky 10 fans as Reward gift for the support.... amazing huh....

Fitness First Malaysia also sponsored for this event and gave us fabulous Ang Pows with a complimentary 8 days trial pass at their fitness centres...

For future information, please visit XES shoes official website at 
or facebook page:

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