Feb 9, 2015

My Dream for My Child

Watching this YouTube video really hit close to home and I was practically almost in tears. It is truly heart wrenching but it is what many dedicated parents go through.

So if you have not watched it, please do... 

In this world, there are many different types of people and parents. While there is no denying there are some parents who are pretty selfish and think of themselves, other normal parents who will always want the best for their own off springs or children will do what "Daddy" on this YouTube video does, tell white lies, sacrifice and do whatever they can in the hope that their children have a better future just because they love their children.

After all, to most parents, their children are their future generation, and they only want the best for these kids. My husband is such a father. We have a blended family, so I have both my children, my step children and our daughter. I have seen countless times how he gives up his last RM100 or so just for his children without thinking further, or there are times he borrows money when they are in need. 

There may be times the children are not even aware of it, but it is what he thinks is his duty and I can understand as there are times I have to do the same for the family as well, and naturally as parents, we want the best for our kids.

My youngest daughter is the one I worry about as she is just 10 now. Her other siblings are all in college or working now. It is hard not to worry about her because as parents, we are growing older and though we would like to be there for her all the time, life is short and we can only live for the moment, dream and plan. 

My #DreamForMyChild is for her to grow up healthy, happy and to get a good job doing what she wants and what she is good at. This will naturally include a university or college education. I really hope she will have sufficient funds then since I am planning to start a plan for her with #AmMetLife too. Cost of living is always on the rise and it is scary when you do not have enough money.  Hopefully, I can build a little nest egg for her. This little nest egg will come in handy for her when she turns 18 and it can help her with whatever she wants to do when she finishes her high school then.

As a parent, there is nothing more rewarding then to see your own children becoming happy and successful in their own lives and that is my fervent wish.

So, what is your dream for your child? 
 If you can answer this question and inspire the people at #AmMetLife, your answer could put you in the running to win 1 brand new iPad Air 2, pre-loaded with education support for your child (one iPad per week, overall 10 iPad Air 2 to giveaway!)

Be sure to check out this website and give your best answer here: http://www.dreamformychild.com/my/englishmy

This campaign will run between: 27th January – 3rd April 2015 , so dear parents, hurry and share your dreams for your child now! 

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