Feb 17, 2015

Philips BT1300 Speakers For Big Sound That Fits In Your Hand

WOOX Innovation is proud to announce the Malaysian release of the Philips BT1300 speakers, for big sound that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand!

These sleek and portable wireless Bluetooth-enabled speakers offer eight hours of streaming sound on the go so that you can enjoy the full sonic range of your mobile device for music, movies or games thank to built-in rechargeable battery for music playback, anywhere. 

Advanced audio performance comes in this small package as the angled speaker allows wide sound projection from its compact design. You need to hear the sound quality from this tiny powerhouse to believe it! 

 The cool anti-clipping feature ensures loud, distortion-free music, even while the battery is running out of juice, while the built-in microphone allows hands-free phone calls, automatically pausing your music so that your listening pleasure can continue from where it stopped. 

The audio-in feature makes it easy to connect to almost any Bluetooth enabled electronic device, cutting out the fiddling with connecting and disconnecting that plague some other speakers.

Adding to its portability and good looks is the by-packed finely knitted strip that is tough. As a finishing touch the speaker are encased by strong, funky-colored silicon cases that keep the Philips BT1300 scratch-free from regular wear and tear. 

According to Mr. Andrew Tan, Business Leader WOOX Innovations Malaysia, the Philips BT1300 speakers were developed to complement the lifestyle of urban nomads who are always on the go, and want to experience better sound without being encumbered by heavy equipment.

"Our mobile devices define us now, and there are times when we want to be loud, or share the intensity and passion of what’s on our device. The Philips BT1300 was designed for people who crave great sound even when they are on-the-go – travelling, working, working-out or just being. You need to hear this to believe it!” he said.

The Philips BT1300 retails at RM 149.00 and comes in four colors (black, lime green, red and blue) are available at all major retail outlets in Malaysia


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