Feb 7, 2015

Food Review: Komura Japanese Restaurant - Valentine's Day Set Dinner

If you are looking to surprise your other half or your partner this Valentine's day, and looking for a very private and quiet place to spend some time together, look no further, you really have to consider Komura Japanese Restaurant, Corus Hotel along Jalan Ampang. 

Anyone who has never been here before will definitely be pleasantly surprised by the ambience. When  yours truly here was asked to go and sussed out the place, I was having a totally different image of a Japanese restaurant in my mind, but when I stepped foot inside the doorway which was covered by curtains, I was amazed  and I was transported a couple of thousand miles away from Malaysia to a little quaint Kyoto village in Japan.

At Komura Japanese Restaurant, the cosy ambience nestled atop the cobble stones pathways leading to the serene ambience of Tatami rooms is the perfect place to enjoy an amazing lunch or dinner.
Located at the lobby of the Corus Hotel along Jalan Ampang, the  ambience at Komura Japanese restaurant exudes a sense of naturality, purity and cosiness, diners can spend a unique dining experience sipping on the imported Japanese ‘Ocha’ or fine and premium sake and relishing the finest traditional dishes that Komura has to offer.

For Valentine's Day, Komura  Japanese Restaurant has come up with an amazing Valentine's Day Set Dinner which is extremely delicious as well as healthy, as everyone knows Japanese food is among the healthiest food in the world.

Among the dishes served, will be the Sashimi Moriawase (see above picture) which is Assorted Sashimi containing freshly cut slices of salmon, tuna, cold shrimp etc. 

The Agemono is actually Sanma fish wrapped with Oba Leaf and Japanese plum fried in tempura and is just delicious when dipped into the accompanying sauce.

Then there is the Wagyu Moromiyaki which is Pan Fried Wagyu Beef which my little girl and I really could not get enough of!!!

It was a pretty unique experience drinking your soup in a tea cup . The Dobin Mushi is a Tea Pot Soup naturally served in a tea pot. It is however amazingly flavorful and we just loved it. There is mushroom, slices of fish and prawns that make up this amazing soup.

After having all the interesting dishes, this Shokuji (Sansai To Inaniwa Udon) might look pretty boring but if you think it is boring, you are sadly mistaken, it was just as delicious as all the other dishes and my daughter despite declaring that she was full from all the other dishes almost finished the whole bowl...

Then, to complete our dinner, there was this Matcha Creme Brulee, Mango Fruit and Mochi. My tastebuds was definitely in heaven!!!

Each of the Valentine's Day Set Dinner comes with a COMPLIMENTARY 200gm heart-shaped cake and also a free Instant Photo to commemorate this romantic occasion with your loved one.

The Valentine's Set Dinner Menu will consist of all of the above as well as:
Zensai (Appetizer-Canape Plate)
*Tuna Tartar
*Moro Kyuri
*Tamago and Unagi
*Tako sumiso ae

and a

Yakimono (Gindara saikyo miso to Nasu Dengaku)
which is Grilled Cod Fish with Egg Plant

and is priced at RM280++ per couple

Komura Japanese Restaurant can seat up to 80 diners in total. 
There are 5 Tatami rooms which can seat 4 to 20 persons and 9 dining tables in a private cubicle rooms can seat up to 4 persons each. 

Komura  offers teppanyaki counters as well that seats up to 8 persons, it is ideal for those who enjoy live cooking. 

There are dining tables at the open area can occupy up to 12 persons at one time for a medium group.

Thanks to Corus Hotel for having me and Dr Sidney Kan of www.bigboysoven.com and team50my for inviting me

Jalan Ampang, 
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: (603) 2161-8888
Fax: (603) 2161-2393



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  1. I'm surprised I never heard of this place till last Wednesday (we went the next day), but I'm glad we just went with it and enjoyed this meal. I definitely will be back to Boston restaurants with friends or dates, because it's absolutely worth every dime.


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