Feb 27, 2015

esmé Clinic - 4 in 1 Slimming Program

Before you go any further, I would like to warn all my Muslim friends or sensitive people that there will be graphic and some embarrassing 'bikini' pictures and bare skin, so if you are sensitive and particular to this, please do not go any further.

With age catching up with me, since I will be hitting the big '40' this year, three kids and an undisciplined lifestyle with a love of good food, it is not wonder I am putting on a whole lot of weight. And with the loss of metabolism, my confidence level sags, especially with merciless comments of  "wah, you put on weight ya" , "you look so fat now" and the likes of it from certain insensitive people around including loved ones... LOL. Sadly, our community is one that likes to put other people down, rather then give compliments.

No offence meant but yes, like it or not, these comments does somehow affect one's confidence level. Worse, being a blogger and around much more beautiful younger bloggers can make me self depreciate as well at certain times.

So, among my new year's resolution this year is to try to lose weight. And so I started by checking out a trial 4 in 1 Slimming Program at esmé Clinic, located at  Jaya One in PJ.

The clinic is located on the first floor above the Marufuku Japanese restaurant.

Upon stepping foot inside the clinic, I am greeted with friendly faces, smiles and bright cheery decor.

The trial program I am trying out here this time is :

esmé 4 in 1 Slimming Program  
First Trial: RM68
(Normal Price RM480)

My treatment  starts with a consultation with the pretty beauty consultant Caryln Goh who was most patient, friendly and cheerful. She ran me through the steps and took my weight, body mass index and all the necessary info. 

According to the machine reading... oh gosh, this is soooooooooo super embarrassing.  With Chinese New Year, lots of food review, a sedentary lifestyle  and lack of exercise, I weighed in at 80kgs and my metabolism was that similar of a 55 year old.

That is how bad it was!!!!

I am determined and intend to do my best to lose at very least 10kgs and get my metabolism back.

Caryln asking me about my weight loss goals, and any health issues I might have as well as advising me on what to eat and so on.

Benefits of the esmé 4 in 1 Slimming Program  :
1. Fat Reduction
2. Body Contouring
3. Cellulite Improvement
4. Safe: Complementary Lipolysis Treatment way IN SAFE (Non-Invasive Treatment)
6. No risk of Liposuction
7. Guaranteed Reduction for size & body shape 

Before we start, here is a picture of me and Caryln... and see how I compare to her petite slim form.... Sob, sob....

Any way, some other services offered by esmé Clinic are as follows:

Feature Enhancement: Face reshape, nose job, chin refinement, lips refinement, apple cheek and etc

Aesthetics Services: forehead, gabella, crow’s feet, laughing line, AquaShine treatment, thread lift, pigmentation

Cosmetic Surgery:
Double eyelid, Epicantho, Eyebrow Lifting, Eyebag removal, Nose enhancement, Dimple, Breast Enhancement, Liposuction

Before  being ushered to the treatment room, I was shown to the ladies room and then the lovely lounge where it was just so pretty to sit and relax before going in for your treatment.

Then yours truly here was brought to the treatment room and asked to change.... and hehehe... fat or not, vanity still reigns as I manage to sneak a selfie ....

This is the Lisa Cream, it is not exactly included in the treatment package. it is somewhat a miracle cream that is great on your lymph nodes, for slimming and firming..... Caryln put a bit on the lymph node at the juncture of my thighs at the pantyline area as well as my stomach and behind my ears. 

The scent of Ginseng is strong but somewhat soothing .

Then she took measurements of my big blubber of a belly. It was 94 cms !!! 

After the measurements, she applied some Lipolex special slimming cream to my belly. Looking at my own belly I am so reminded of a big fat whale... huhuhu or is it a walrus... sighhhh.... I really have to get rid of it.

The Lipolex Slimming Cream is applied with a wooden spatula.

See my blubbery tummy after having the cream  on.... yucks... I hate it...

Then Caryln turns on the machine. It is a  machine from Korea that can do treatments to reduce fatty tissue on your selected area, in my case, my ugly stomach.

 There are four technologies in this one amazing machine. Cavitations: to burst all the fatty cells inside, RF: to melt adipose fat...

Caryln tells me that they experimented with a slab of fatty meat and it really shrunk all the fat from the meat. The machine is noiseless to everyone in the room but the person the machine is working on. 

I can hear shrill beeps as the machine works to supposedly burst some of the fatty cells in my stomach. Caryln says that the beeps can be louder when there are stubborn fats and slightly lower in other places which was exactly what I experienced.

After about 10 minutes x 2 of this treatment, we continued the the next. Caryln applied some Proionic Body Cream on my stomach....

And the other two technologies and treatment started. In this case, the machine used laser: for effective drainage of fat and for flushing away cellulite, and vacuum: to firm up parts of the skin which has been loosen by the first treatment.

This amazing machine or treatment can be used for thighs, arms and tummy....

You can feel your flesh being sucked in the machine . It is not painful or uncomfortable, well, at least for me it wasn't. But after utilizing the machine, the flesh on my tummy looked slightly pink. 

After Caryln then retook measurements of my belly blubber and to my surprise... it has already shrunk to just about 89cms !!!! 

If you asked me how I feel, I was nervous like hell before the treatment, but after completing the treatment, it was a piece of cake, I enjoyed my treatment, it was definitely effective as I could see my belly has indeed shrunk a little bit and I felt much lighter.

Caryln reminded me to drink a lot of water as so to flush out the melted fat and watch my diet if I really wanted to slim down. Fingers crossed I will be cutting down my fried food, rice, snacks, drink more warm water rather then my normal iced drinks and so on.... Wish me luck!!!

I have great news for you... If you would like to try their services, 'Like' their facebook page here:  www.facebook.com/esmeclinic  & #esmeclinic at their instagram page , and you will entitled to get a RM100 Voucher to redeem against any of their services there.....

Address:   esmé Clinic
No. 65-1, Block D, Jaya One,
No.72a, Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya. 

Tel: 03-7955 1491



  1. how about the price? were their price some sort alike Slimming Sanctuary or etc?

    1. I guess.... go for the trial and check it out.. it's affordable at only Rm68... I am sure you will like the environment....

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